Kingston Phison ps225161 chip external hard drive mass production failed short circuit repair tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

25 2021-08-22 00:30

  Two days ago, use the tool modeconverter of Phison ps2251-61 to make cdrom area and mobile panel recover lost files from usb free area,

  I accidentally turned the external hard drive into half bricks, the size of the cdrom is 4M, recover lost files from usb stick and the removable disk is 0M.

  When switching back to a normal disk, it can't succeed, and it prompts recover lost files off of usb "device write protection". It seems that the firmware can only be rewritten by a low-format volume recover lost files usb drive mac production tool.

  The external hard drive is shown in the figure:

  Use Phison up_19_ctool 3.04Black recover lost folder on usb drive film mass production tool, you can find the external drive, it seems that it should not be difficult recover lost folders external hard drive to repair successfully?But the mass production error:

  "Error writing configuration table" or recover lost hard drive linux live "read onlypage" error occurs

  Look at the external hard drive again, there is a drive letter, the recover lost hard drive partition free capacity is 0M, and it becomes a "2261 pram disk" device, as shown in the following figure:

  Reluctantly, recover lost hard drive space mac I downloaded "Phison_MPA LL_v3 from the external hard drive Mass Production Network".32.0C", recover lost partition external hard drive including 61 series firmware version.

  Everyone should know the basic settings:

  There are too many recover lost partition on external drive firmware versions, please refer to the experience on the Internet and try them one by one.

  I haven't recover lost partition on usb drive tried a few, but the external drive fails to write every time, and the error "verify 1'st firmware recover lost partition usb flash drive fail" is reported.

  no zuo no die, after choosing a few firmware randomly, the external drive recover lost partition usb hard drive died.

  After plugging and unplugging, there is no drive letter, the computer does not display any recover lost pictures from hard drive equipment, and the USB drive is completely finished. Fortunately, there is no way to find a solution recover lost remote hard drive subdirectory online, that is~~~~~~~~~

  Disassemble the short-circuit Dafa service: (short-circuit the main control, recover lost sectors on hard drive the red line in the figure below)

  The computer can recognize the drive letter, continue mass recover lost space on external partition production, found that the selection "BN61V103M.BIN",

  The "verify 1'st firmware fail" error is no recover lost space on usb drive longer reported, and the "do preformat" process has occurred, although an error has also been reported

recover lost space sankisd usb drive   Guess the first firmware should be it, fix the first firmware, and then select the second firmware recover lost usb flash drive dat a one by one,

  When "FW61FF01VM.BIN", the repair is successful

  Mass production cdrom, select basic recover lost word document from usb setting, because the firmware is already normal, do not do isp anymore, select "21" for mode, and recover m4a files from usb freeware succeed after "not low format"

  Summary: Before mass production, it is very important to back up the recover mac files from hard drive getinfo information of the external drive

  From FWVerion to 03.02.10 It can be seen that the second recover mac formatted hard drive windows firmware should choose FW61FF01VM.BIN;

  As for why the first one was chosen this way, I don't know, recover mac from external hard drive you can refer to this article for mass production;

  Note that for the first mass production, you recover mac hard drive after format don't need to write the firmware at all to make it successful, but if you kill the external hard recover mac hard drive on linux drive, you must write the correct firmware to get back to life.