external hard drive repair skills sharing[Win11 Solutions]

31 2021-08-21 23:50

  Here we find a 2G broken external hard drive for experiment.The phenomenon is:

  1.Insert the USB, using dell recovery usb windows 10 the computer displays the drive letter.everything is normal.

  2.The explorer clicks on the drive using dell windows 10 recovery usb letter of the removable disk and prompts that it is not formatted and requires formatting.(But weird, using diskpart to recover the usb thought it was a small problem.Just like the floppy disk before)

  3.OK to format.? Strange phenomenon using recovery usb drive windows 10 happened.8M is displayed in the disk capacity.How can it change from 2G to 8M?.

  4 Click to start using recovery usb in windows 8.1 formatting.Pop out of the prompt box.Unable to complete format.(At that time, I was stunned, the using recovery usb to repair disk problem was big)

  5 Right-click the drive letter and click Properties.File system established RAW.Space using recovery usb windows 10 dell becomes 0. I was dizzy at that time.

  Check the information online, a lot of this phenomenon, using sans to recover hard drive but there is no detailed description of how to solve it.At that time, all the information was integrated, using the dell usb recovery medi a and the judgment problem was two.

  1 Hardware problem.Damaged parts or chips.I can't do it using toshiba windows 8 recovery usb myself, I can't fix it.If repairing is unnecessary, it is better to buy a new one.

  2 Software issues.Some using ubuntu to recover hard drive netizens suggested that mass production tools can be repaired.This gives me hope.But after using usb recovery drive windows 10 several efforts and experiments.Failed to save my external drive.

  I kept it like this, knowing that using usb recovery drive windows 8 the hardware can't move anyway (I was a little impulsive and wanted to change the chip several times) using usb system recovery windows 10 .Try it from time to time.Finally available today.

  Things are like this.I use the external hard using windows 10 usb recovery drive drive detection tool ChipGenius to measure technetium. My external hard drive control chip is? Chipsbank using windows 8 1 recovery usb ?2090 chip.So I downloaded more than 70 megabytes of information.There are many versions of the using windows recovery usb commsnd prompt tools, in fact, they can be done before, but they don't have the guts, and there is not too much using windows recovery usb win 8 information, and the understanding is not too deep.

  After many tests, the new version of the software vaio recovery disk new hard drive can't test my memory chip normally, only the old version (2090&2090EUMPTOOL_V1.7.3) just work.(If you veeam recovery media iso to usb have an old external drive, use the old version).Run umptool2090.exe file, display HYNIX_HY27UU088 verbatim external hard drive data recovery G2M in Flash status.And the display capacity is 2048M.Through comprehensive analysis.I determined the verbatim usb flash drive recovery tool possibility that the hardware is intact.Mass production tools may succeed.Anyway, a dead horse is veritas system recovery usb 3 0 a living horse doctor.I used an option that I had never dared to use before.That's the bottom.

  Click video tutorial of recovering usb files the flash disk settings button in the upper right corner.The other settings have not changed, but view hard drives terminal recovery mode in the scanning mode, the default high-level scanning mode is changed to the low-level scanning w530 recovery disk usb flash download mode.And is using level 1. The number of ECC digits that has not changed is 0 (the most stringent).Then water damaged hard drive data recovery make sure to return to the main interface.Click the start all button in the upper right corner.Wait wd 1tb hard drive data recovery a long time.You can see that the progress bar is moving very slowly.