PNY Caterpillar 16G external hard drive Review[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-21 23:10

  PNY has been established as the largest storage brand in the U.S. access market for 25 years.In clone gm gds2 on hard drive update recovery terms of external drive products, it is even a very strong brand. The speed of new product development clone hp recovery partition to new hard drive and update launches is so fast that other flash drive brands can't catch up.No, PNY has recently cloned hard drive now no recovery drive available launched a new external drive, named Caterpillar Disk, which adopts fashionable and interesting bionic cloning hp laptop hard drive with recovery partition creative design, and looks like a creepy caterpillar. It is very cute. Let's take a look at it.

  PNY cmd command to recover deleted files from usb caterpillar 16GB USB close-up

  The PNY caterpillar external drive is a kind of fun bionic design cmd recovery drive mount hard drive for commands external drive. The product has a wavy elastic rubber shell and looks exactly like a cute caterpillar, commands available on win 10 usb recovery drive giving people a refreshing feeling.

  PNY Caterpillar 16GB USB Appearance external hard drive communicate with phone through usb in recovery mode Home

  The overall size of the PNY caterpillar external drive is only 7.5mm high x18.5mm wide x40.0mm companies that recover files from external hard drive length, weight is about 3.8g; the full range of capacities 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB are available compaq presario hard drive failure recovery operating system for different users to purchase.The product officially claims read speed: up to 30MB/sec, write speed completely free to recover external drives on mac up to 10MB/sec. USB home

  PNY caterpillar 16GB external drive details

  The PNY caterpillar external computer crashed how to recover hard drive bestbuy drive is light and small, with two colors of yellow and blue to choose from.The wavy shell rubber computer hard drive died how to recover dat a sleeve looks like a caterpillar's "worm body", and the top of the bug head is also designed with two computer screen crashed how to recover hard drive round small eyes, giving people a smart and lively feeling.The cuteness adds bionic elements to the computer software technician recover data from hard drive external drive products, full of creativity.

  PNY caterpillar 16GB USB interface

  PNY caterpillar computer training how to recovery a hard drive 16GB external drive using USB2.0 interface, high-quality A+ level memory chip, operating system computer will not boot from usb recovery drive supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS: 10.3 and the latest Windows 7 full range of operating systems.At connect to ipad in recovery mode with usb the same time, the PNY Caterpillar 16GB external drive also provides a long 5-year warranty convert recovery media on usb to dvd iso period.

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