Lenovo ThinkPad notebook for how to use external hard drive to install the system tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

35 2021-08-21 23:00

  THINKPAD laptops were originally used for business office. Since its acquisition by Lenovo, its toshiba external hard drive file recovery appearance design is not as rigid as before. Instead, it has continuously integrated fashion elements, toshiba external hard drive partition recovery and its cost performance has been continuously improved. It has gradually been accepted by the public toshiba external hard drive recovery key and occupied the notebook market. Growing share.During the use of the computer, we often encounter toshiba external hard drive recovery process such and other problems, usually we will choose to reinstall the system.At present, the most advanced toshiba external hard drive recovery software system installation method is external hard drive installation system.So, how do Lenovo THINKPAD toshiba external hard drive recovery tool laptop reinstall the system with a external drive.

  Now everyone's computer systems are generally toshiba hard disc drive hdd recovery installed with WIN7, WIN8, and WIN10 systems.Today I will give you a summary of how THINKPAD laptops toshiba hard drive data recovery service use external drives to install these three systems.

  Prepare a regular external hard drive with a toshiba hard drive data recovery software capacity of 4G or more, reject copycat disks, black film disks, and expansion disks.Download the toshiba hard drive recovery black screen external hard drive boot disk creation tool online, insert the prepared external hard drive into the toshiba hard drive recovery format type computer to make a external hard drive boot disk; then download a system image file on the Internet toshiba hard drive recovery not working (preferably the pure version, download the corresponding system for which system is installed), Copy toshiba hard drive recovery software download the downloaded image file to the prepared external hard drive boot disk.

  After the above preparations toshiba hard drive recovery software external are completed, insert the external hard drive startup disk into the computer, restart the computer, toshiba hard drive recovery utility download and press F12 or FN+F12 when the first screen appears when booting up

  Enter the BIOS setup toshiba internal hard drive data recovery interface, in the pop-up interface, you can see the option to start the USB drive with the USB drive. Use toshiba laptop hard drive recovery partition the arrow keys to move the cursor to the USB drive startup item, press the Enter key to enter the toshiba laptop hard drive recovery process USB drive, and boot from the USB drive.

  After the external drive is set up, it will enter the system toshiba nb100 recovery disk to usb installation stage.Take the external hard drive Installer Master as an example, it can be downloaded, toshiba not booting from recovery usb and other startup tools are similar:

  After entering the boot menu of external hard drive toshiba partition drivewindows 10 recovery usb Installer, use the up and down keys to select "02.After "Start Windows_2003PE (old machine)" is selected, toshiba portable hard drive data recovery press "Enter" to enter the PE system.

  After PE starts, it will automatically load the external toshiba portable hard drive recovery app hard drive Installer interface, wait a few seconds, then enter the PE system desktop.

  After entering toshiba portege boot usb windows recovery the PE desktop, double-click the "PE one-key installation system" icon with the mouse to open the toshiba recovery disk erase hard drive "Image Master" software.

  After entering "Image Master", use the "Open" button to select the ISO toshiba recovery for new hard drive file we copied into the boot disk of the external hard drive.

  In the pop-up window, first select the toshiba recovery media creator usb download GHO directory of the external hard drive boot disk through the drop-down list; then select the WIN7 toshiba recovery media creator usb drive system image that you just copied into; after confirming that the file name is correct, click the " toshiba recovery media creator usb hdd Open" button.

  If the format is GHO, please skip this step. In the pop-up window interface, click toshiba recovery media creator usb stick the mouse to select WIN7.GHO file.After selecting, click the "OK" button.

  Select the partition to toshiba recovery media new hard drive be restored, generally the default is C: drive.

  Before starting to restore the system, the software toshiba recovery wizard erase hard drive will pop up again to confirm whether you want to continue the operation. After confirming that it toshiba recovery wizard using a usb is correct, click the "OK" button.

  At this point, the Ghost system restore interface will pop up toshiba satellite c55 hard drive recovery automatically.We wait patiently for Ghost to restore and automatically install the WIN7 system.

  Finally, toshiba satellite c655 hard drive recovery safely delete the external hard drive from the computer, and the computer will automatically toshiba satellite c660 hard drive recovery install the system until it enters the desktop, which means that the win7 system is installed.