external hard drive appears unformatted do you want to format for how to recover data after the grid [Win11 Solutions]

31 2021-08-21 22:30

  Windows 7 prompt effect (do you want to format it?)

  Windows XP prompt effect (do you want to download windows 10 recovery disk usb format it?)

  Do you want to format it?Not formatted.I don't know if you have encountered such a prompt.Some download windows 10 recovery drive usb users don't know where to find out, they need to prompt "Unformatted" or "Do you want to format download windows 10 recovery image usb it?"?"" is restored after formatting, so the best recovery time is often missed. Also, if you are download windows 10 recovery into usb prompted "not formatted" or "do you want to format it"?Right-click on the partition with "" and select download windows 10 recovery tool usb "Properties". Windows XP system will prompt that the file system is "RAW", and Windows 7 system download windows 10 recovery usb boot will prompt to change the file system to "Empty", as shown in the following figure:

  Windows 7 (right download windows 10 recovery usb iso click properties)

  Windows XP (right click properties)

  In fact, don't panic when you encounter download windows 10 recovery usbcovery iso this kind of problem, and don't format it, because after formatting, the formatting program will download windows 10 usb recovery drive create a new file system, and it will just prompt "Not formatted" or "Do you want to format it?" format?"The download windows 10microsoft recovery usb drive partition of "is destroyed. In fact, if you think about it carefully, you can find that it only download windows 7 recovery console usb prompts you to format. At this time, you can use the "Data Recovery " to recover the data. The download windows 7 recovery disc usb method is as follows:

  1. After installing the "Data Recovery " software, double-click the "Data Recovery download windows 7 recovery for usb " icon on the desktop, the main interface is as follows:

  2. Select the "Recover Files in download windows 7 recovery iso usb Partition" button:

  3. Select the prompt "Not formatted" or "Do you want to format it?", and then click download windows 7 recovery to usb the Next button:

  4. "Data Recovery " starts to enter the data recovery process, this process will download windows 7 recovery usb drive display: "Search Percentage", "Elapsed Time", "Number of Files Searched":

  5. This step reminds you download windows 7 recovery usb free a little trick. For NTFS file system, in the process of data recovery, if you want to reduce the download windows 7 recovery usb iso time taken by searching for files, you can carefully observe the "number of files".If there is no change download windows 7 system recovery usb for a long time, you can click the "Next" button to "Pause" the search. At this time, the "Data download windows 7 usb recovery disk Recovery " will sort out the searched part of the data and finally list it in a manner similar to download windows 7 usb recovery iso Windows Explorer; Don't worry because the search time before clicking the "Next" button will be wasted, download windows 7 usb recovery tool because the data recovery has saved the progress of searching the files. If you do not find your download windows 8 bootable recovery usb important data after careful inspection, you can start from the first step Continue to operate, after download windows 8 recovery on usb selecting the partition to be restored, click the "Next" button and the data recovery will prompt download windows 8 recovery usb drive "There is a saved search progress.Whether to load and resume?Select "No" to search again." At this time, download windows 8 recovery usb image we select Yes, load the previous search progress, so that we can continue to restore.

  6. After download windows 8 recovery usb iso the search is completed, you can select your important data to restore. For the detailed restoration download windows 8.1 pro recovery usb process, please refer to the "Data Recovery " instructions.

  Finally, I remind you that data is download windows 8.1 recovery disk usb priceless and operate with caution.Don't be too convinced that the computer can't make mistakes. The download windows 8.1 recovery to usb best way to prevent data loss is to do more backups. Don't be afraid of more or less.Since the capacity download windows 8.1 recovery usb free of hard disks is now very large, ranging from a few hundred GB to a terabyte, if you feel that the download windows 8.1 usb recovery disk data recovery process is too slow or there is no other storage medium nearby to save the recovered download windows on usb fro recovery data, you can choose the "Data Recovery " software Developers seek remote data recovery services. download windows pro recovery image usb For some difficult situations, manual data recovery methods are effective, as fast as a few minutes.

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