How to recover data from a hard disk with a serious bad circuit? Hard disk speed is very slow

36 2021-07-27 07:16

If your computer is in use when the open my computer has been stuck out can not open, or open a partition has been stuck can not open, or mobile hard drive inserted into the usb has been showing in recognition, very slow, read data is also very slow, the folder is visible but just can not open has been showing stuck like dead, but actually open in such a situation, then. Then you encounter the problem is a bad hard drive, here mainly refers to the mechanical hard drive or mechanical removable hard drive.

  And if there is a hard drive bad channel we generally use diskgenius can scan to detect how many bad channels, the location of the bad channel, if only a small number of bad channels we can directly use diskgenius to repair, but if it is a large number of bad channels it can not repair, because it repair bad channel efficiency is very low speed is very slow, even a small number of bad channels also have to repair a half a day, not to mention a large number of bad channels must not be a few months The actual software can't repair some of the bad sectors, and when it comes to more serious bad sectors of the hard drive how do we recover the data inside?

  In fact, even if you give professional data recovery companies their solution is to use the PC3000 and related equipment to mirror your entire hard drive to a good hard drive, and then use the data recovery software to recover data on a good hard drive, because the bad hard drive with data recovery software scanning words are not scanned will also expand the bad channel area.

  But pc3000 is required to buy a separate device, expensive, for us ordinary people there is actually a similar solution, that is Media Tools PRO software, referred to as MTL software, its function is similar to pC3000, but it does not need to buy a separate device can be bad hard disk mirror out, and there is no limit to the version used, so anyone can use It can be used by anyone to recover data from a bad drive, but because of its dos version and the full English interface, the average person does not know how to use it, so today the U disk network will teach you how to use MTL to mirror the hard drive.

  First we learn about MTL, it is to support IDE, SATA, SCSI and other interfaces, support USB interface can be operated with the mouse hard disk mirroring tool, it can set the length of time to read the defective sectors and the number of attempts. You can mirror the disk to the disk or to the file, Media Tools can set the start and end position of mirroring at will, so it is easy to mirror the disk in sections for different situations, it can not only mirror forward, but also reverse, that is, mirror forward from the end of the disk, for example, the disk has bad sectors, but we do not know the start and end For example, if the disk has bad sectors, but we don't know where they start and end, but we know that there is a large space at the end of the disk that is normal, then we can choose reverse mirroring, from back to front, which facilitates the operation and ensures that the data at the end of the disk is recovered intact.

  The following begins to use the tutorial.

  1, first download the unlimited version of the MTL iso version, prepare an empty U disk, download the ultraiso software, the mtl iso file made into a U disk into a boot disk.

  2, the computer in addition to the bad drive also need to insert an empty good hard drive, good hard drive capacity must be greater than the bad drive, such as the bad drive is 500G, good hard drive recommended 1T or 800G, so easy to distinguish. If you look for a 500G may not be good under the dos interface to distinguish which is bad which is good hard drive, so the operation error then your data is really finished.

  3, two hard disk plugged into the sata interface, we insert the boot U disk, go to the bios set from the U disk boot, into the U disk will be directly into the mtl interface, point Continue, the following chart

  4, before we proceed to set up, the keyboard press CTRL + S settings interface, TAB key jump to modify it, the following chart, which Read retries [32] means the number of times to encounter bad channel retries, here it is recommended to change to 0, so you can save a lot of time

  5, in addition, it is also recommended that the timeouts "read sector length", the default value of 150000ms, but usually such a long time to read and not much practical significance, you can consider setting it to 1500ms or shorter, thus saving a lot of time.

  6, after the parameters are set, click the OK button to close the parameter setting interface, re-enter the program start interface. Click Continue in the program startup interface, the program is to begin to find the disk device, after finding the disk information interface, then we can see access to all the hard disk information of this computer, you can see drive 0, drive 1, drive 2 one by one after the selection can see the hard disk details, you have to remember drive 1 and drive 2 which is Here you can see the left Drive1 right display Drive Size: 524.2MB is a bad drive, Drive 2 right display Drive Size: 838.8MB is a good drive, TAB key Jump OK Enter to continue.

  7, then we choose Cycle-Clone/Cycle-Image, meaning that the clone hard disk image

  It also has other features, such as the above figure File Recovery Tree (file recovery), Boot / Partition Repair (boot / partition repair), Media Editor (disk editor), Secure Wipe (Secure Wipe) and Format Dreve (format disk), etc., here we can not use.

  8, continue we choose Clone Drive to Drive, meaning that the hard disk clone to the hard disk, note that this clone with ghost is a world of difference, if you want to use ghost to clone the hard disk to recover data, then you will only expand the number of bad sectors of the original hard disk and simply can not clone, so the principle is different, the tool is based on sector-level cloning.

  In addition, its second option to mirror the disk into a file, the third option for the file recovery to the disk, the most useful feature is the disk to disk cloning.

  9, then we enter the mirroring interface, you can see the start project has source that the source hard disk is to choose your bad drive, and destination that the target hard disk is to choose your empty good hard drive.

  The left side for the function buttons, from top to bottom in order to Start (Start), Modify (Edit), Stop (Stop), Exit (Exit) and Compare (Compare), the bottom "Reverse" is the "reverse "switch

  10, press the TAB button, select Source point enter can be selected.

  11, select our bad hard drive, here we choose Drive 1. Note that the capacity of 524.2, do not choose the wrong. Up and down arrows, space to check, TAB key to select OK Enter to continue.

  12, and then tab key to move to Destination target hard disk

  13, and then select our good hard drive, here is Drive 2. Note that the capacity of 838.8, do not choose the wrong. Up and down arrows, space to check, TAB key to select OK Enter to continue.

  14, finally we reconfirm the source and target hard disk is not the right choice, you can judge according to the Serial Number serial number of the hard disk

  After selecting the source and target hard disk, we can also click Modify (Edit), activate the disk parameters area in order to set the mirror image starting sector location and mirror image end sector location, where it is not set all together cloning.

  If you need to clone from back to front, you can check the lower left corner of the "Reverse", check the reverse mirroring reverse, the source disk in the starting sector number automatically changed to the maximum sector number set when mirroring forward, the end position is correspondingly changed to the minimum sector number, the target disk settings are automatically changed synchronously.

  15, the following prompt is to show whether the good hard drive has write protection open, click yes to

  16, the following prompt is all formatted hard disk, the data will all be overwritten, direct point yes.

  17, the following will begin to mirror the progress, the process will prompt a bad channel, we wait for progress to complete.

  18, after the completion of the clone will appear the following interface, will display some information, can not read the direct press esc to exit.

  19, then we close the software, shut down the computer, the cloned data good hard drive hooked up to other computers that can be used to recover data with data recovery software, no bad drive recovery data quickly, the recovery success rate is very high.

  Summary: The above is the method used by data recovery companies, is the most reliable data recovery method for mechanical hard disk encounter a large number of bad sectors, is also the most professional, I believe that using this method you will feel that the original hard disk bad data recovery is not too difficult, of course, free or certainly not pc3000 good, but always have to try, good luck are able to recover themselves without giving money, of course, when you know that a large number of hard disk Don't write data again after a bad channel, including data recovery software to scan don't use, this will only get worse.

How to recover data from a hard disk with a serious bad circuit? Hard disk speed is very slow