How to fix SD memory card is forbidden to write to readonly Alternative SPI mode to repair bad cards[Win11 Solutions]

10 2021-08-21 21:50

  I've been very depressed these days. The 32G TF card I bought has always had problems. Samsung's flash drive usb table files to recover standard, I don't know if it's a genuine product, it's rated as C10, not to mention whether it's a flat free data recovery service hard drive real Samsung or a real C10. Anyway, it's true to test the capacity. The price is relatively close to fnd hidden partition on recovery hard drive the people, it seems to be 69 yuan? Oh, it's a pity, the good times don't last long. This card has force pc to boot from usb recovery been used in my wife's mobile phone. Suddenly last week, the mobile phone was abnormal and all kinds format a hard drive windows 8 recovery of weird problems. At first, I didn't suspect that it was a problem with the software. Ah, the progress format a hard drive with recovery partition bar rolled from 1 to 100 several times without stopping. I pulled out the line when I got tired format hard drive windows 7 recovery disk of labor and management, so the data was gone. My ears hurt for two days. I managed to save the bricks format harddrive from windows 7 recovery disk and brush back. It was still the problem. Later I found that as long as the software was installed format new hard drive hp recovery disk and updated, there would be problems after a while. It was either a flashback or an error. I took format the dell windows 8 recovery usb out the card and tested it, and it turned out that the card was broken.

  Mobile phone TF/SD card formatted external hard drive can i recover (mobile phone memory card smaller than pinky fingernail card microSD) PC can recognize the card, can formatted external hard drive recovery no mbr recognize its capacity and can read the files in the card, but can not write files, nor can it be formatted hard drive data recovery software download formatted!Tried the following methods to no avail:

  (1) Use windows formatting prompt "windows can't formatted hard drive data recovery software free complete formatting".

  (2) Enter "CHKDSKH:/F" under the MS-DOS command, the completion degree is 0%, formatted hard drive how to recover files stop.

  (3) USBboot, formatted with HDD, can proceed smoothly, no error is reported, but after the formatting hard drive windows xp recovery console completion, the files in the card are still there, and the problem remains.

  (4) SDFormatter, it free recover pan usb software prompts the card "The storage medium you selected is in the state of prohibiting writing", please explain, free android data recovery without usb debugging confirm that there is no write protection switch on the TF card, and there is no write protection free corrupted hard drive data recovery software switch on the card reader.

  (5) Use the digital camera to format and low-level format, and exit free damaged hard drive data recovery software automatically when it reaches 50-60%.The files in the card are still there, and the problem remains.

free data recovery for usb flash drive   (6) When you delete the files in the card under windows, it seems to be deleted normally, there is free data recovery formatted external hard drive no error prompt, but the card is pulled out and reinserted, the files in the card are still there, free data recovery formatted xp hard drives and the problem remains.When using a file shredder such as 360 and selecting deletion options such free data recovery from dead hard drive as preventing regeneration, leave it for one night, and it still prompts "in progress".

  To add: I free data recovery from raw hard drive used a number of different card readers to install the card, and compared it with other TF cards, and free data recovery from usb flash drive tried it on other computers and different operating systems.And use multiple different phones to free data recovery mac external hard drive try.The result is that the problem remains.

  I have tried various methods in the past few days. I am free data recovery software bad hard drive afraid that the tf card becomes read-only. I am not the only one who encounters the situation. Various free data recovery software boot from usb methods on the Internet are invalid. There are data in the card, photos, etc. It is not good to free data recovery software crashed hard drive ask for the warranty, and I am depressed. I removed the card reader:

  A very cheap card reader. I free data recovery software failed hard drive bought it at a mobile phone store for 5 yuan. The speed is also very slow. Why is it cheap and cheap?. free data recovery software portable hard drive It was accidentally found that there was a needle in the deck that was Jiangzidi:

  Why is it. So I free data recovery software usb pen drive searched the datasheet of the tf card and found this part of the content:

  The original SD card and free data recovery tool external hard drive tf card also have a spi mode. This spi mode uses two fewer pins, which is convenient for communication free data recovery wd external hard drive with a single-chip microcomputer. Is the design of this pin on the card socket strange. I guess free disk partition recovery portable hard drive if you add an external slider and move the slider to press down the pin so that it can't contact the free download external hard drive recovery software tf card, can the card reader enter the spi mode.You must know that not many people have tried to free download usb drive data recovery software access the tf card in spi mode on the computer, and the result is still unknown. I will be a crab free download windows 7 recovery disc usb eater, haha, just do it:

  You can see it, just cut a piece of scotch tape and stick the first foot of free download windows 7 recovery disk usb the tf card to force it to enter the spi mode.! Before that, the content of the file on the card was free download yodot hard drive recovery software displayed on the computer. Because the partition was divided, the capacity was less than the original, free external hard disk data recovery software (click the name to download) usboot can not operate normally, now plug in, the computer directly free external hard drive data recovery license prompts that it is not formatted, let I format the card, I go, and use the usboot software:

  What free external hard drive data recovery mac is the result, everyone guess? Of course it was repaired.

  If you have a bad card in your hand, give free external hard drive data recovery review it a try. This method is really simple, but I don't guarantee that all card readers support spi free external hard drive data recovery tool mode. This is the only one for my two card readers, and the card readers with this book will not work free external hard drive recovery license key either. , Repair the bad card of the children's shoes, leave a message in the comments below, if it free external hard drive recovery license keygen is not repaired, the hardware may be damaged too thoroughly.