Kingdian Huirong SM2256K AB master solid state external hard drive stuck slow repair tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

37 2021-08-21 21:40

  A Kingdian Golden S280 solid state hard drive is broken. The main symptom is that the drive letter mac hard drive data recovery service will come out when connected to the computer, and it will get stuck. The computer is very slow and mac hard drive data recovery sydney often loses drive letter. When you open it, you can see that the main control is Huirong SM2256K AB. mac hard drive failure data recovery , Luck is better, this master has a mass-produced card opening tool, so you can repair it yourself, mac hard drive photo recovery 2018 so let's talk about how to repair this solid state drive.

  First of all, we need to connect the mac hard drive recover deleted files solid state drive with the USB interface with a mobile hard drive box, download and open the latest mac hard drive recovery best buy version of Huirong card opening software SM2256_FWP0901A_MPP0715C, short-circuit the ROM point, and let mac hard drive recovery external drill the software recognize your ssd.

  1. After disassembling, the flash memory is HTHA16S2T1-10. The mac hard drive recovery los angeles flash memory model found on the silk screen should be hynix, H27QDG8M2M5R-3V3, so if the card opening mac hard drive recovery near me tool we are looking for does not recognize this flash memory, it means it is the wrong version. The mac hard drive recovery on pc mass production can't be successful. The SM2256 P0715C card opening tool found in the following mac hard drive recovery software review figure will report an error, prompting read flash fail, reading the flash memory failed, indicating mac hard drive recovery software windows that the flash memory is not recognized, indicating that the card opening tool firmware does not support mac hard drive recovery tools free this flash memory.

  2. The flash memory recognition error of the card opening tool is seen as mac hfs hard drive data recover shown in the figure below, so what should I do.

  3. The card opening tool settings are as shown in the mac internet recovery empty hard drive figure below. The auto automatically recognized at the flash select point is actually Samsung, which mac internet recovery no hard drive is definitely not correct.

  4. The solution is to manually select the flash memory in the new mac make bootable recovery usb yosemite version of the card opening tool SM2256_FWP0901A_MPP0715C, instead of auto automatically recognize the mac new hard drive internet recovery flash memory, manually select Hynix, 128Gbit (16K page), H27QDG8M2M5R_3V3 to successfully open the mac new hard drive recovery partition card.

  Some people say what to do if there is no silk-screened flash memory model found on the mac os 10 8 recovery usb Internet, you can try to use the SM2256AB_MPO0811A version of the card opening software to click auto to mac os free hard drive recover identify the flash memory. It can generally identify the correct flash memory model of the solid mac os hard drive recovery software state drive, but it may not be able to open the card successfully. But we know the correct flash memory mac os high sierra usb recovery model, and we can use the new version of the card opening software to mass produce and directly mac os recovery usb from windows repair our solid state drive.

  Generally, after selecting the flash memory, directly press the settings mac os sierra recovery usb drive in Figure 3 above to open the card successfully. After success, it will be a green circle as shown mac os x 10.9 recovery usb in the figure above. After success, the solid state drive can be used normally, and there will be mac os x bootable recovery usb no disk drop or stuck. Very slow situation, is the best solid state hard drive repair method.