[Fixed] SSD solid state drive slows down Absolutely reliable solution Secure Erase tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-21 21:30

  Nowadays hard disks have been replaced by ssd. In the original mechanical hard disk era, the computer recover data from mac hard drive became permanent, and the performance of the hard disk's read and write speed would be reduced. recover data from macbook hard drive However, if the mechanical hard disk needs to restore the speed, it can be solved by a full-disk recover data from mybook hard drive format. It's an SSD solid state drive. Over time, the speed will drop greatly. How to solve this problem? recover data from nas hard drive It is not like a mechanical hard drive. Because the internal structure is completely different, recover data from network hard drive we need to use another reliable method to solve it. Recover the problem of ssd drop speed, and this recover data from ntfs hard drive method is Secure Erase.

  1.What is Secure Erase (hereinafter referred to as SE)

  Secure Erase is the recover data from old hard drive most powerful way to restore the SSD to the factory state. Many problems that can't be solved by recover data from partitioned hard drive formatting and reinstalling the system can be completed by SE.SE is equivalent to the low-level recover data from pc hard drive formatting of a mechanical hard disk. SE can completely erase the internal data of the SSD, not only to recover data from ps3 hard drive erase the data in the disk, but also to empty the FTL table used by the SSD for the internal organization recover data from ps4 external drive to the factory state.If there is a bad block that has not been discovered by the SSD itself but recover data from ps4 hard drive has actually been generated, it can also be found through the SE. The SSD will automatically use the recover data from raid hard drive spare block to replace it, and it will not affect the continued use.

  2.What situations need to recover data from raw hard drive do SE?

  After the SSD is powered off abnormally (all abnormal programs such as blue screen or power recover data from raw hard drives failure are shut down, it is an abnormal power failure). The SSD becomes stuck, and the red block is recover data from raw usb driv scanned in the HDTune error scan. For example, the situation in the following picture is generally recover data from raw usb drive not The SSD has a bad track, and the FTL table in the SSD may be faulty due to the abnormal power recover data from raw usb partition failure. It may be repaired by doing SE again:

  There is also a situation suitable for SE, that is, recover data from reimaged hard drive when you want to sell the SSD to a stranger, you can do SE once, and the data in the SSD will no longer recover data from sandisk usb drive be restored after SE.

  Here is a special reminder: Doing SE is a technical task. If you don't recover data from sas hard drive know much about computers and are not sure that your situation must be solved by doing SE, please don' recover data from sata hard drive t rush to do it yourself.!After all, doing SE will empty all the data in the SSD and can't be recover data from scratched hard drive restored!!!Once the SE fails, it is more likely to cause the SSD to lock up and cause greater recover data from scsi hard drive trouble!!!careful!!!

  Please note that this tutorial is only suitable for Win7 system users to choose!!!Windows recover data from server hard drive 8/Windows 8.1/Users of Windows 10 operating system, please wait for the advanced SE tutorial I will recover data from simpletech hard drive post separately!!Non-Win7 system operates according to the method in this post, the failure rate is recover data from slow hard drive 99.99%!!!

  3. It has already been emphasized that this method is only applicable to Win7 system, recover data from ssd hard drive because Microsoft has imposed some restrictions on the underlying operation in the subsequent system, recover data from tivo hard drive and many tools and software that can be used for SE are invalid, so first of all, you must first recover data from transcend hard drive make sure that you are not doing anything. In addition to the SE SSD, there must be another hard disk recover data from unbootable hard drive (either SSD or mechanical disk) that can be used to install the Win7 system!!The SSD used by SE must recover data from undetected hard drive be used as a secondary disk (non-system disk, which means that the disk to be SE must not be a system recover data from unformatted hard drive disk)!)

  4. Preparation: Use the SSD that needs to be used as a secondary disk, install the Win7 recover data from uninitialized hard drive system on other hard disks, and download a software called TxBench,

  Turn on the computer and enter recover data from unknown usb device the Windows 7 desktop, first put the computer into sleep state (start menu-the triangle on the right recover data from unmounted hard drive side of shutdown-sleep), when the computer enters sleep state, after the power light on the host recover data from unreadable external hdd goes out, press the power button again to wake up the computer.The purpose of this step is to release recover data from unreadable hard drive the ATA lock. Only after the lock is released, the next SE operation can proceed smoothly.

  Open recover data from unrecognised hard drive the Txbench software and switch to Data Erasing: After Drive: select the disk you want to make SE. recover data from unrecognized hard drive The example in the figure below is my Plextor M6S. You can see that there is a Security Frozen indicator recover data from unresponsive hard drive on the right side. Now the light is off. Status, indicating that the lock has been unlocked. If recover data from usb after format the light you see here is on, repeat the operation of putting the computer to sleep and then waking recover data from usb drive linux up.

  After this step, there are two options. One is to directly press the Start button shown in the recover data from usb drive mac lower right corner of the above figure to perform the standard SE operation. The standard SE will recover data from usb drive raw rebuild the FTL table of the SSD. This operation is completed quickly.The second option is to click recover data from usb drive ubuntu on the small dot in front of Enhanced Secure Erase and choose to do enhanced SE. In addition to recover data from usb free download rebuilding the FTL table, the enhanced SE will also erase all flash memory on the SSD, which is slow to recover data from usb free software complete and affects the life of the SSD. Bigger.After clicking the Start button, the red warning in recover data from usb stick freeware the figure below appears, reminding you that if you continue to operate, all the data on the disk recover data from usb stick linux will be erased and can't be restored. Just click the Yes button to confirm:

  There will be a second recover data from usb stick mac warning next, asking you again if you really want to do SE, click the "Yes" button here.

  At this recover data from usb stick raw time, the SSD will start to do SE. The whole process may take 30 seconds to 6 minutes. You need to wait recover data from usb stick ubuntu patiently. Do not shut down or interrupt the SE process.!!!Remember!!!

  After the SE operation is recover data from usb using cmd completed, it will be prompted, as shown in the figure below, Data Erasing finished successfully recover data from usb windows 10 indicates that the SE operation has been successfully completed!

  After the SE operation is successfully recover data from wiped hard drive completed, your SSD will be restored to the state it was in when you first bought it. At this recover data fromunrecognized external hard drive time, you need to restart the system.However, it is recommended that you first right-click on "Computer", recover data hard drive bad sectors select "Manage", then switch to Disk Management, initialize the SSD, create partitions, and recover data hard drive clicking noise format.This is basically done. Of course, there is no data on the disk after SE, and you need to reinstall recover data hard drive deleted partition the system.

  The method introduced for you today is the simplest one (there are many texts, and recover data hard drive not formatted the software is also in English, knowing that it is difficult for everyone to look at, but this is recover data hard drive not initialized indeed the easiest way).For using Win8.1/10 of my friends, you can't simply use TxBench to do SE recover data hard drive not recognized operations. In addition, if you only have a Plextor SSD on hand, and there is no other hard disk to install recover data if hard drive crashed Win7 system, you can't use Txbench to do SE. Of course, there are methods, you can see This recover data logical hard drive failure article.