How much does it cost to repair computer hard drive damage, and can you repair it yourself?

31 2021-07-27 07:08

  Computer hard drive is the main storage device of computer, usually people will save their work, study data and a lot of photos into the hard drive. Once the hard drive is damaged, these important data will be lost along with it. The hard drive is the most important storage device in the computer.
  There are several cases of hard drive damage: head damage, hard drive bad channel reading difficulty, bad drive motor, board damage and partition table error. The damage is different, the repair fee is also different.
  If the partition table error, generally easier, you can recover through software, the price will not be very high, generally 200 - 300, less than 500 can be done;.
  If it is because of hard drive bad channel reading difficulties, then the sector where your data is nothing wrong, the recovery effect is very good, may be slower, less than 300 should also be able to get;.
  Circuit board damage, find a batch of the same type of hard drive, remove a circuit board to replace the data can be read out. The price is not very good, depending on the specific kind of
  Drive motor is broken to be more expensive, to some more professional machines to be able to recover, the price is thousands, the ceiling is very high, usually depending on the importance of the data. If the data is not very important or have backup hair, it is recommended to buy a new hard drive.
  Head damage, which requires opening the disk repair, the price is then more than 500 yuan, usually in the 800 yuan or so.
  If it is not physically damaged, you can download a data recovery software on the Internet to repair the data in the hard drive by yourself, but also save money money. If the disk has a bad channel, physical bad channel less and concentrated can be shielded, if in the tail can be cut away with MHDD's HPA command.
  Here to introduce you to the hard drive is broken some repair methods, we learn to repair their own will not have to spend money money to go outside to find someone to repair, do not worry about the loss of data, leaks.
  First of all, the U disk will be made into a boot disk, you can use the "computer store", "Old Mao Tao" or U Master and other software, the U disk will be made into a boot disk. After making the U disk boot, we then shut down the computer, shut down the computer and then insert the U disk made to the computer, in addition to the damaged hard drive will also be installed into the computer, and then restart the computer by pressing the Del key, enter the BIOS settings, and then set the first boot items, after completion, restart the computer, we can enter the U disk boot, and then select the amount to enter the PE system
  After entering the PE system, we can see on the desktop there is a "DiskGeniushard drive partition tool", we click into DiskGenius, into the inside we must see that the hard drive can be detected, if not detected, the basic hard If it is not detected, basically the hard drive can not be repaired by ordinary means for free. Usually hard drive if the problem is not serious, we enter DiskGenius tool can still be normal recognition should be afraid of partition
  Faulty hard drive can still be identified normally, for this case repair is relatively good to do, solve down we can try to repair the hard drive.
  Close just open DiskGenius, and then from the bottom left corner of the start in the operation choose to restart the computer, and then will enter the U disk boot interface at this time we select "run hard drive memory detection scan menu (you can also directly press the number 7 to select)" selected, press the Enter key to confirm
  Enter the run hard drive memory detection scan menu interface, we then use the ↓ key on the keyboard to select the second item "run hard drive regenerator hard drive repair tool" selected, press the Enter key to run
  Next you can enter the hard drive repair interface, where you also need to pay attention to select the need to repair that hard drive
  At this point the tool will detect all the storage devices connected to the computer, the first of which is 14G capacity, obviously the author's 16G U disk device, there are other hard drive for the author's computer. here to choose, mainly according to the hard drive capacity to choose the piece of hard drive, as the author's computer is connected to several hard As the author's computer is connected to several hard drives, the hard drive that fails to work is 320G, which can obviously be seen as the fourth item. (If you are not convenient to distinguish, you may wish to turn off the computer, the good hard drive are disconnected, leaving only the failure hard drive and U disk inserted into the computer can be, so it is very good to distinguish.
  After the above selection is complete, we then select the second item of the "normal scan (repair / not repair)" option.
  Next, we press the number 1 on the keyboard to select the first item "Scan and Repair"
  Next will enter the long hard drive scan and repair phase, at this time we do not carry out any computer operations, waiting for the period of scanning and repair can be
  If the hard drive has repairable problems, we can see the relevant failure and repair tips, as shown in the following figure for a period of scanning will check all the hard drive exists bad channel
  Due to the large capacity of the hard drive, scanning and repair takes a long time, basically takes about an hour or two, so the scan repair period, you can also go to rest, later in the look, after a period of time to see the completion of the scan repair.
  After the scan and repair is complete, we can see that the author's bad hard drive, mainly due to the existence of bad channel problems, has basically been repaired.
  If you are lucky, after the repair is complete, we can then format and repartition the hard drive, and then reinstall the system, you can use it normally, after normal use, you can also use the HD Tune tool to detect the read speed of the hard drive, as shown in the figure below, indicating that the hard drive has no problem.
  The above is the repair method of hard drive. When the hard drive is in use, do not force the power off when the hard drive is working. Turning off the power when the hard drive is working will cause physical damage to the hard drive and also loss of data. Also, there are high-speed components in the hard drive, if you force the power off then the high-speed disk will suddenly stop, and in the case of powering on immediately after shutdown, it is more likely to cause damage to the hard drive. So I think, after shutting down the computer do not immediately turn on the computer again. Turn it on again at least half a minute later. Also try to avoid its shock, because, the distance between the magnetic head and the magnetic disk is very close, if subjected to violent shock will lead to the magnetic head knocking the magnetic disk, it is possible that the magnetic head will scratch the magnetic disk, may also lead to complete damage to the magnetic head, so that the entire hard drive can not be used. In the process of using a hard drive, many users will often compress it in "Disk Space Management". This program is used to compress the hard drive. This will cause the compressed volume file to grow larger and larger. The team also slows down and the number of reads and writes increases, causing the heat and stability of the hard drive to be affected. Therefore, it will lead to the reduction of the service life. So, if the hard drive is enough, there is no need to use this program.
  If you really think it is too expensive to repair, it is better to buy a new one, when you buy a hard drive to consider the hard drive interface, capacity, speed, stability, cache, after-sales service. Also consider the following aspects.
  One: focus on the hard drive's capacity to price ratio (hard drive per GB capacity of the price/performance ratio)
  It is strongly recommended that when you buy a hard drive, try to consider 2TB products, the total price is not expensive, the single GB of the highest cost performance. Of course, 1TB hard drive is also recommended for entry-level users, although the price per GB is as high as $0.39, but the total price of $385 is not high enough to meet the needs of general users.
  Second: focus on the single-disk capacity of hard drive (how much data a disk can hold)
  At present, hard drive the latest technology for a single disc 1TB, this technology has been more than 2 years. Commercially available products, "1TB-3TB" field has been achieved single-disk 1TB technology, sustained read and write speed between 150-220MB / s. In the high-end large-capacity field, from the mainstream 5-disc 4TB/7200 rpm hard drive to upgrade to 4-disc 4TB/5900 rpm hard drive, and the development of 4-disc 4TB/7200 rpm hybrid hard drive.
  The reason why we pay attention to the single-disc capacity of hard drive is because the higher its value, the less number of discs required, the number of heads in hard drive will be reduced, and the higher the heat generation and stability. Nowadays, 2TB hard drives in mainstream products are still designed with 3 discs, and these products are often stocked by merchants, eager to sell. These products due to the use of three-disk design, so in weight than the two-disk products significantly heavier, and in read and write speed, stability and heat generation than two-disk products inferior.
  Three: pay attention to the method of distinguishing two-disc and three-disc
  Three disc products can be distinguished by identifying the appearance, weight, etc., such as Seagate two-disc 2TB hard drive has a large deep pit in the upper right corner (three discs are shallow pit), but for the average consumer to identify the difficulty is quite large, the only solution is to buy products close to the production date, like the products after 2013 are basically two-disc, so users should focus on when buying.
How much does it cost to repair computer hard drive damage, and can you repair it yourself?