What is the definition of USB interface[Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-21 20:10

  No matter what computer has a usb interface, it shows that the versatility of usb is relatively imac not wanting to boot into recovery usb strong, and some requirements need to specify the definition of the usb interface. The definition of imaged over my harddrive how to recover files the most commonly used usb interface is introduced below.

  The usb interface has only four wires, insert your windows installation or recovery media usb which are serial interface wires, two power wires, two signal wires, the power supply voltage and current insignia 2.5 sata hard drive enclosure recover dat a are 5V, 500ma, and the order is: red wire: vcc white wire: data- green wire: data+black wire : install from recovery usb on m 2 drive Gnd, don't make a mistake in the sequence, otherwise it will burn the motherboard.

  1. The conventional install mac os from usb in recovery mode USB interface arrangement is: red, white, green and black from left to right:

  Specific install mac osx recovery on a usb drive definition:

  Red-USB power supply: marked-VCC, Power, 5V, 5VSB

  White-USB data cable: (negative)-DATA-, install multiple bootable recovery softwares on one usb USBD-, PD-, USBDT+

  Green-USB data cable: (positive)-DATA+, USBD+, PD+, USBDT+

  Black-ground wire: install os x from usb in recovery mode GND, Ground

  2. MINI USB is 5-core:

  Specific definition:

  Type A: Connected to the ground power install os x from usb within recovery hd supply-5V

  Type B: Ungrounded (empty)

  Therefore, the definitions of the large and the small usb install recover grub from ubuntu live cd usb interfaces are different. You have to distinguish between these two commonly used ones. I believe you install recovery partition windows 8 1 from usb can know the definition of the usb interface at a glance.