How to use the USBCleaner tool to recover the poisoned files in the external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

28 2021-08-21 19:50

  As a kind of mobile hard disk that we commonly use, the USB drive brings a lot of convenience to linux recover files from corrupted hard drive our lives, but the situation of USB poisoning also occurs from time to time, and it is inevitable.After linux recover files from damaged usb thumbdrive running the anti-virus software to check and kill, although the virus is cleared, but some files linux usb boot windows 7 password recovery in the external hard drive are often also cleared at the same time.No matter if you click "Show all linux usb prematurely unplugged corrupted data recovery files and folders" to no avail.A careful friend may find that the "used storage space" in the external live linux distro usb for data recovery drive is not reduced at all, so the file is not deleted.So how to recover the poisoned files in locked laptop hard disk drive recovery service the external hard drive?

  In the tutorial introduced by the mass production network, a special external locked laptop hard disk drive recovery software hard drive virus killing tool called "USBCleaner will be used.This is a pure green auxiliary lost file recovery from external hard drive antivirus tool. This software can detect more than 1,000 types of external hard drive viruses, scan lost my usb files making recovery drive external hard drive viruses with a broad spectrum, external hard drive virus immunity, repair and display mac 2009 internal hard drive data recovery hidden files and system files, and safely uninstall mobile drive letters, etc. Function, all-in-one mac book network recovery for usb drive repair and kill external hard drive virus.At the same time, USBCleaner can quickly deal with mac data recovery external hard drive software emerging external hard drive viruses.

  Step 1: First download USBCleaner, unzip it and find "Foldercure.exe" mac deleted file recovery external hard drive Double-click to run.

  Step 2: Click the "Start Scan" button, select "Perform external hard mac external drive run repair from recovery drive Scan" and a window will pop up, asking if you want to repair the file, select "Yes", the program mac external hard drive data recovery free will repair the file, and it will prompt "Repair successful "In red text

  Step 3: After the repair mac external hard drive data recovery software is completed, a dialog box will pop up, prompting "All operations have been successfully completed" mac external hard drive format never recovery , click "OK", and select "Yes" in the "Do you want to restart the computer" dialog box

  Restart the mac external hard drive not mounting recover computer, you will find all the files are already in the external hard drive.

  Download link: mac external hard drive recover deleted files USBCleaner

  With the help of the software introduced above and following the steps above, you can easily mac external hard drive recovery software free restore the poisoned files in the external drive. Please try it quickly.!With this software, you mac hard drive data recovery software free don't have to worry about losing files in the external drive after being poisoned.!