Yincan IS903 write big data drop reasons and solutions[Win11 Solutions]

14 2021-08-21 18:30

  I have a diy IS903 external hard drive, because it is fast and cheap, so I started with 64G, write boot from recovery usb win 10 100, read 200M/S, very cost-effective, but recently encountered a very headache problem, which is boot from recovery usb windows 10 to write data continuously. It will drop the disk when it is not, and it will drop the disk when it boot from recovery usb windows 8.1 is lighter, and the firmware will be dropped when it is heavy. I am very distressed, and I don't know boot from usb recovery drive mac why, and it will freeze when the chip is used for worry-free detection, and it will also automatically boot from usb recovery windows 10 drop the disk. The copy of the disk is about 20G files (both 500M-2G compressed packages, or 20G boot from usb to recover files movie collections) are 80 to 90% of the time will be dropped, prompting an error, plug in and out boot from windows 10 recovery usb of the external hard drive, the system will prompt a scan error, there are now The problem is that the boot hp recovery partition external hdd speed is basically up to standard, 90m writing/200m reading.(EXFAT format) But when writing large boot into external recovery partition mac files continuously, for example, to bake a 40G game (a 4G/package type), assuming there are 10 packages, boot recovery usb asus windows 8 the first 5 or 6, 7 may be completely normal.Then suddenly the graphics card can't find the boot recovery usb windows 10 asus external drive.Re-plugging again shows that it needs to be repaired, and the repair is normal, but the boot recovery usb windows 7 home last data will generally be wrong.

  At this time, the external drive will be a little hot as a whole, boot surface rt from recovery usb and the USB head will feel slightly hot to your hands.And if you continue to write right away, you boot to recovery usb windows 10 may report an error when you pass something about 4G.

  What is the reason for the failure of the boot to windows 10 recovery usb external hard drive of Yincan is903? How to solve it? Here is the solution:

  First, use the chip or boot unraid vm to recovery usb the chip to worry-free. The disk of 903 is almost the first time the disk is inserted, and it must boot usb from recovery windows 10 be unplugged and re-plugged. This is the problem of conflict between 903 and the software;

  Second, boot usb to recover windows files 903 is very slow to install the driver on some machines. Sometimes the drive letter is displayed boot webos recovery touchpad usb logo after a long time. Sometimes it is displayed, but the driver is not installed. You need to wait a while boot window from usb recovery drive before reading and writing. safer;

  Third, I found that the probability of disk drop in fat32 boot windows 10 from recovery usb format is the smallest, and exfat seems to be the largest.

  Fourth, it is recommended to use the 112 boot windows 10 using usb recovery version of the mass production tool to re-volume production, and do not open CACHE in the mass production boot windows 7 recovery from usb setting.

  Fifth, if you use the front USB, try changing to the rear USB.

  Sixth, at present, boot windows 8.1 from usb recovery the main reason for this problem is the problem of the is903 motherboard. If you have a welding tool, boot windows from usb recovery dribe you can remove the flash memory and solder it to the IS916 Yincan main control board, so as to boot windows from usb recovery drive achieve the final solution. The IS916 board is very cheap. , Or soldered to Huirong usb3.0's main control boot windows recovery from usb dell board can solve this problem. After all, the most expensive external drive is actually flash memory, boot windows vista recovery from usb and the main control board is not expensive.