How to fix dual system boot failure tutorial Oneclick repair with NTBootAutofix[Win11 Solutions]

54 2021-08-21 18:20

  Because the win10 system is out, but because it is a new system, you may be afraid of problems or best mac external hard drive recovery software want to try it. At this time, many friends will choose to install dual systems, that is to say, install best mac hard drive data recovery software a win10 when the win7 system exists, for example, win7 is on the c drive. For win10, we install best open source hard drive recovery software it on the new partition F disk. Ideally, we can choose to use win7 or win10 when the computer starts, best place to recover hard drive dat a and the two systems are independent of each other without conflict, but you may find that it is best places for hard drive recovery review still It will automatically enter win7, and the interface of the win10 system is not selected at all. best professional hard drive data recovery software What should I do at this time.In fact, it can be solved by only a small tool, and it is automatically best raw data recovery software for usb repaired. It is very simple, and even if there is a dual system selection interface before, but best recovery from digital camera hard drive when one of the systems fails to boot, it can't start. One-click repair is good. This tool is NTBootAutofix. best recovery tool for external hard drive It can be run on the desktop or under winpe. However, we recommend that the repair success best recovery tool for formatted hard drive rate for dual-system booting under winpe is high, so everyone installed it on a different drive letter. best send away recovery for hard drive When there are multiple systems, be sure to use the system boot repair tool to automatically repair best software to fix usb flash drive it, otherwise it is impossible to choose other systems except the C drive to enter.

  The following best software to recover crashed hard drive will teach you how to repair dual system boot.

  Step 1: Download the NTBootAutofix tool under any best software to recover external hard drive system that can be accessed (If no system can be accessed, you can use the USB boot disk to enter best software to recover failed hard drive Winpe, generally Winpe comes with NTBootAutofix boot repair tool by default).

  Step 2: Open the best software to recover formatted hard drive NTBootAutofix repair tool directly after decompression, and then click "1.Automatically repair" option, best software to repair usb flash drive the following repair content will appear in the window:

  Step 3: The program will automatically best tools for recovering hard drive dat a identify multiple systems in the computer, and automatically carry out the guided repair operation, we best usb data recovery software free download just need to wait for a while.

  Step 4: After the repair is successful, the following interface will best usb file recovery software free download appear, which will prompt which drive letter system was repaired successfully and which repair best usb flash drive data recovery software failed. Generally, there will be no failure. If so, you can use "4.Manual repair" function for manual best usb flash drive for recovery 2018 operation.

  Step 5: After the prompt is successful, we click "2.Exit".

  At this point, the repair best usb recovery software for surface pro is completed. Is it particularly simple? It is a fool-like operation, simple and convenient. The system best usb to create chromebook recovery usb startup interface after the successful repair is as follows:

  At this time, we can choose which best way to recover external hard drive system to use to enter the computer. It does not require any professional knowledge or a lot of time. best wisconsin external hard drive recovery services Simply run the dual system. If it is unsuccessful, leave a message below.