Huirong SM3271AD master control external hard drive repair mass production success tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

11 2021-08-21 18:00

  A copycat external hard drive was broken, so I wanted to restore it by mass production. After acer windows 8 recovery usb download continuous tossing, finally mass production was successful. Since the main control is Huirong SM3271AD, acronis backup recovery 11 bootable usb there is less information, so here is the sharing method. For your reference, first of all you have acronis backup recovery 11 usb boot to make sure whether your external drive is the master of Huirong SM3271AD, which can be detected by acronis backup recovery 11.5 bootable usb ChipGenius, as shown in the figure below.

  1. Then download the mass production tool of SM3271AD. acronis recovery manager iso to usb At present, there are not many tools for the main control. This is one of them. It is best to use acronis true image 2017 recovery usb under the xp system, then insert the external hard drive, open the mass production tool as shown in the acronis true image 2018 recovery usb figure below, click set, password Two spaces, then first set the card opening setting items as shown acronis true image recovery disk usb in the figure below, check the black setting, select high format, speed priority, and then enable acronis true image recovery usb drive the largest ECC critical check.

  2. Then select the external hard drive setting option, and fill acronis true image recovery usb stick in the following figure. Of course, the product information can be customized. If you want to mass activar systools hard drive data recovery produce the cdrom boot disk and set the partition to 2, you need to check the copy file and fill in active partition recovery external hard drive your iso The path of the mirror in the computer.Do not need cdrom, just want to repair the external active partition recovery make bootable usb hard drive, set the partition to 1, uncheck the copy file check.

  3. Then there is the quality setting adata external hard drive not working item, fill in as shown in the figure below

  4. Then there is the display interface item, check it adata usb flash disk format tool as shown in the figure below.

  5. For other settings, only check the reset fine-tuning value as adata usb flash drive format tool shown in the figure below

  6. After the setting is completed, click to save the setting, and then in adata usb flash drive online recovery the main interface of the mass production tool, click the start button, as shown in the figure below adata usb flash drive recovery download to start mass production, wait for success, it may take a long time.

  7. The mass production progress adata usb flash drive recovery software will show the status of each step of mass production as shown in the figure below, and it will adata usb flash drive recovery tool show how much time has been spent.

  8. Then the mass production is successful. The following figure adata usb flash drive recovery скачать shows that a card opening is completed. At this time, close the software, unplug the external hard adata usb flash drive recovery 下載 drive and plug it in again, your external hard drive is resurrected.

  Summary: Huirong SM3271AD main adata usb flash drive repair tool control external hard drive is generally a copycat black external hard drive, so mass production may admin password recovery windows 7 usb not be so easy to succeed, but a lot of tossing will definitely succeed. The above is a successful advanced hard drive data recovery software example. Everyone's external hard drive is broken. It can be repaired by mass production method, and advanced hard drive data recovery techniques can be restored to the factory state to continue using.