Let your flash drive use time become longer, high-speed and stable USB flash drive mobile system program tutorial

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Recently research VHD mobile anytime system flash drive, so the benefit is that win8 or win10 can be put in the flash drive to take with you, there is a flash drive on the system, for travel or often outside the Internet people more useful, but the current program are more or less have disadvantages, and the following a netizen summary of a program, relatively more Alternative is also very good, so share out.

  With the emergence of high-speed high-capacity flash drive and solid-state drives at lower prices USB3.0, USB3.1, more and more people are playing with mobile operating systems online and more related USB systems are born. In terms of USB systems with protection restoration there are EWF there are UWF there are FWBF there are differential blossoms. But these protections are really that good? Non-also the following I list the shortcomings of the protection restore software.

  1, EWF: the most people use the maximum space available for storage write operations about 1500MB (PS: memory is small this value is even smaller) but more than the machine must be card to reboot, the current WIN10 era this 1500MB is not enough for a while or accidentally installed driver can be used up. In terms of stability, it sometimes leads to unexplained boot disk self-test, EWF expired prompt, long black screen before entering the system, did not exclude protection.

  2, UWF: WIN8 era appeared a better solution than EWF, can be customized with hard disk or memory to do write operations storage space comes with the exclusion function (files, folders, registry) can be reclaimed space function. Although the breakthrough of 1500MB limit but in the actual use of the process will occasionally out of the boot card, shutdown time is too long problem, the operation of both the GUI and command line version are difficult to operate.

  3, FBWF: good early product support for NTFS some features are not good plus no WIN10 can be used under the only reluctantly give up.

  4, differential: not suitable for some flash drive use and restore trouble.

  The above four, some people will say that the installation of PrimoRamDisk memory disk to change the size of the same can run for a long time, but encounter the installation of drivers or temporary installation of a software must be installed on the system disk almost no play sing because they do not go through the memory disk direct system disk. Plus WIN8 WIN10 and then how to transfer the temporary folder will always be data will be written to the system disk occupies the write operation space slowly increase up.

  This time with ShadowDefender + PrimoCache + PrimoRamDisk + UWF combination will be able to effectively extend the life of the USB system use and flash drive and removable hard disk.

  Main Topic

  PrimoCache Caching Software (Quote from official description)

  PrimoCache is a software that can virtualize physical memory, SSD drives or flash drives as hard drive cache. It can automatically store the data read from the hard drive to a faster device such as physical memory, and when the system needs that data again it can quickly read it from the cache device without having to access the slower hard drive again, thus effectively improving the access performance of the physical hard drive.

  The relevant principles are as follows.

  ShadowDefender (quoted from the official description)

  Shadow Defender allows the operating system to run in a "shadow mode" virtual environment. "Shadow Mode transfers every system change from the real system to the shadow system. If you experience malicious software activity or unwanted changes, simply reboot the system and you're back to the original state. Everything is as it was, and the change is as if it never happened.

  Note: The biggest highlight here is to use part of the memory as a write cache and then use the protected partition space as a write cache once it is full

  PrimoRamDisk and UWF is not too much to introduce a memory disk we have used a UWF as a backup (UWF command line can be automatically Baidu under).

  Next is the integration of the program began to machine memory for 4G for example

  Program I.

  Increase the access speed when the second read, shutdown without having to write back the data inside the cache on the hard disk to speed up the shutdown. Write operation is responsible for first writing the memory established by the Shadow Guard write operation cache on the space full after the transfer to protect the disk free space. Reboot Restore

  It is recommended that Shadow Guard create 512MB as a write operation cache while Primo Cache takes 1/4 of the total memory, i.e. 1G, as a read cache.

  Option 2.

  Improve the access speed of the second read, write operations are first written to the Primo Cache set cache (shared by reading and writing) when the operation is full or exceeds the set time (in Primo Cache set cache can specify the time 99999999 seconds can be), delete the cache when the cache is deactivated automatically to the space on the write operation cache established by the Shadow Defender with the memory, but once the write is full Finally, it is stored back on the free space of the protection disk. Reboot restore

  It is recommended that Shadow Defender create a 512MB write cache while Primo Cache takes 1/4 of the total memory, i.e. 1G, as a read cache.

  Note: After using this method, it is best to manually deactivate or delete the Primo Cache cache before shutting down the computer to avoid waiting too long after a long run.

  Option 3 (comprehensive application) requires appending the PECMD.EXE file to the SYSTEM32 directory

  It is recommended that Shadow Defender create 512MB as a write cache and Primo Cache take 1/4 of the total memory, i.e. 1G as a read cache.

  System disk: to improve the speed of secondary read access, write operations are first written to the Primo Cache set cache (shared between read and write) when the operation is full or exceeds the set time (in the Primo Cache set cache can specify the time generally 999999 seconds), delete the cache when the cache is deactivated automatically shifted to the space on the write operation cache established by the Shadow Defender with memory a But when it is full, it is finally stored back on the free space on the system disk. Reboot Restore

  Temporary memory disk: created by PrimoRamDisk, dedicated to the storage of temporary useless files (generally most are excursionist files, temporary program swap files, system TEMP folders and variables) outside the virtual memory page set 100MB size and stored in the memory disk for some programs dead to some virtual memory functions.

  The external disk: by uwf is responsible for the protection, why not let the shadow guard protection? Because the external disk is not loaded on the boot, so the Shadow Defender protection can not take effect when the UWF play a role in the field. The external disk is generally used to store green software to facilitate the call after loading, it is highly recommended to use PECMD to load and instant shortcuts to generate a PE-like loading external, modify just mount this disk on the real system to put changes.

  The three programs overall installation steps PrimoRamDisk=>PrimoCache=>ShadowDefender=>UWF=>Set up memory disk to transfer temporary files=>Set up virtual memory to memory disk=>Other optimization and software settings=>System cleanup=>ShadowDefender boot restore

  Special attention to primo cache 1.01 and Shadow Defender to achieve the best configuration (the former does not bounce back and does not fail) must be completed in the Shadow Defender registry exclusion function to add the following key values



  Some questions may arise answer

  1、Shadowguard can set the write cache to a larger size What is the use of PrimoCache? A: In order to achieve the applicability of multiple machines it is always impossible to set a 10G write cache to face a machine with less than 10G of memory ~ to change the desktop to change the write cache value need to be lifted and restored and then set again to reboot too much time. Direct Shadow Guard set a conservative value when the change of machine found to change the large this time you can use PrimoCache to do a read and write cache to increase the last just remember to deactivate or delete it before shutdown that can not be deleted if the shutdown to wait on the line

  2, I heard that PrimoCache can become quite restore software and SD dry hemp? A: First of all, PrimoCache itself is not restore software, so as a restore is very dangerous, ShadowDefender Shadow Defender just to make up for this to prevent the adverse consequences of full and write disk

  3、What version of PrimoCache PrimoRamDisk is required? A: PrimoCache1.01 PrimoRamDisk 5.6 Now there is a new one, but because of some problems in the test is XXX problem la

  4、EWF 1500MB is enough for daily use, SD is not a big use! A: or the old sentence EWF is not expected to 1500 after the card how to deal with the previous era can ignore WIN10 era this 1500MB problem is serious no matter how you turn again have data slowly written in, so I think EWF has been eliminated program.

  PrimoCache use method.

  The above is the implementation of this program, you can try, maybe really better than the traditional program, especially for the current life of the flash drive, generally are not long, this program is also considered to make your flash drive service longer it.

Let your flash drive use time become longer, high-speed and stable USB flash drive mobile system program tutorial