The external hard drive is connected to the computer and prompts that the disk is not formatted if the disk is not formatted [Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-21 17:10

  The external drive is connected to the computer and prompts that the disk is not formatted?What to online data recovery software for usb do if the disk is not formatted? USB home

  This problem is not uncommon. I believe that many, many online external hard drive data recovery friends must have encountered it. Then, how can we solve it. USB home

  Below, please see the tutorial online recover deleted files from usb I shared for everyone, if you need help, come in and have a look at the external hard drive ontrack data recovery external hard drive Home

  Stop talking nonsense, let's start

  1. First, click on your mobile hard disk, if the following ontrack data recovery hard drive cost prompt appears, click "No"; Home of external drive

  2. Then download and install the "EasyRecovery" open macbook to recover hard drive software;

  3. After the installation is complete, open the software and select the function "Hard open source external hard drive recovery Disk Partition Lost/Damaged"; Home of external hard drive

  4. Select the mobile hard disk you want open source hard drive data recovery to restore, generally usb, click Next; Home of USB

  5. The system starts to scan, please wait patiently; open source hard drive recovery mac

  6. Back up your files after scanning, and then format the hard drive;

  Method 2 external open source hard drive recovery tools drive Home

  1. Open the cmd command line, that is, start-run, enter cmd (xp system); start-search-cmd open source mac hard drive recovery (win7);

  2. Enter chkdsk h:/f and press Enter; (where h is the drive letter of your mobile hard open source undetected hard drive recovery drive, if it is a g drive, change it to g) external hard drive Home

  3. Wait for about half an hour; opened hard drive chances on recovery

  4. If the situation as shown in the figure appears, the repair is complete, try to see if the oppo data recovery without usb debugging problem still exists;

  The tutorial is here for everyone, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  The optane cant recover from usb drive external drive is connected to the computer and prompts that the disk is not formatted?Prompt that orange county hard drive data recovery the disk is not: