How to solve the computer blue screen in Win11 system [Win11 Solutions]

11 2021-08-21 15:50

  In addition to the common system failures during the use of the win7 system, there are more common boot windows 10 from usb recovery drive error computer failures such as black screen and blue screen. For the computer with a blue screen, we need boot windows 7 from usb easy recovery essentials to determine what we have done before the computer blue screen, so that we can quickly solve the bootable image in a windows 10 recovery usb blue screen problem. Take you to understand the common blue screens and solutions of win7 system.

  If bootable usb recovery drive not recognized in bios your computer is poisoned or driver conflicts will easily lead to a blue screen of the computer, booting computer from recovery usb windows 10 loop then how to solve the blue screen of a win7 system computer.We need to remember the blue screen code booting from a windows 10 usb recovery drive and find related solutions through the blue screen code tool. Today I will show you the common blue bounceback emergency restart from usb backup recovery device screen codes and how to solve the computer blue screen.

  The following is the solution to the blue broken hard drive data recovery service in house screen of win7 computer

  General practice when encountering computer blue screen

  1. If the blue broken screen data recovery without usb debugging locked screen suddenly appears, please try to restart the computer to see if it can boot normally. If it can broken screen phone data recovery without usb debugging boot normally, you don't need to bother about the blue screen for the first time.

  2. If the computer build bootable usb drive from windows recovery directory has a blue screen several times recently, when the blue screen appears, please use the mobile build ubuntu on micro usb card with recovery phone to shoot the blue screen, and remember the blue screen code, remember what the computer did before burn recovery msi won't let me choose usb the blue screen appears, so that you can quickly find a solution.

  3. If you often have blue ca ch s du ng usb recovery driver screens, and you can't solve them through relevant online blue screen tutorials, please try to solve cab a non spinning hard drive be recovered them by reinstalling the system.

  4. Reinstalling the system can't solve the frequent blue screen, cable to recover data bad external hard drive then it may be that the hardware is faulty and you need to go to the computer shop for repair.

  Win7 can a corrupted external hard drive be recovered computer blue screen processing method

  1. Restart the computer, sometimes it is only caused by a can a dead external hard drive be recovered conflict in a certain program or driver. Generally, restarting the system will resolve it by can a formatted external hard drive be recovered self-checking.

  Computer Blue Screen Picture-2

  2. The hardware is loose, please check whether the memory can a hard drive be recovered after formatting and graphics card are loose, or try another slot and install the latest driver.

  Win7 computer blue can a recovery drive be a hard drive screen picture-3

  3. The system is poisoned. Generally, after restarting the computer, press F8 can a repartitioned hard drive be recovered mac immediately to enter the safe mode, and then complete anti-virus in the safe mode environment.

  win7 can a water damaged hard drive be recovered computer blue screen picture-4

  4. Program conflicts or driver errors, conflicts caused by running can a windows usb recovery drive be cloned incompatible software, similar products should not be too many, such as anti-virus software, input can an erased mac hard drive be recovered methods, etc., uninstall one of them by deleting the necessary programs.

  5. The system is bloated, can best buy recover files off hard drive the system has not been cleaned up for a long time or the application is installed too much, then you can data be recovered from a bad harddrive can consider reinstalling the system.

  win7 computer blue screen picture-6

  6. System failure and can data be recovered from a crashed harddrive loss of system files will also cause blue screen. You can't enter the system at this time, and you can data be recovered from a hard drive can only reinstall the system.

  win7 computer blue screen picture-7

  The above is the solution to can data be recovered from a nuked harddrive the blue screen of win7 computer.