hard drive is broken can be repaired, how to repair hard drive?

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  hard drive is generally divided into several cases, the general problem can be repaired with some partition software, complex problems can be repaired with bad channel repair tools, but if the measurement of the bottom of the bad can be repaired? Of course you can repair, but this involves more complex maintenance knowledge, but the following or give you some of the more common ways to repair:

  Many people encounter the BIOS can not detect the hard drive or report an error, you think the hard drive is bad, there is no way to save it, will be scrapped. In fact, if the boot, hard drive in the self-test can hear the sound of disk rotation, it is estimated that the main motor and control circuit board are not faulty, there may still be room for redemption.

  It should be noted that the hard drive is a precision device, very fragile, before repairing should be washed hands, release the residual static electricity from the human body before operation, many times seem to be broken hard drive can also be repaired, the following article and we briefly share with you which bad hard drive can be repaired.

  With mhddhard drive failure scan

  A: the case of hard drive can not be found

  For the "HDD Not Detected" error prompt hard drive, first check the hard drive external data signal line interface whether there is deformation, interface solder joints whether there is a false solder. After eliminating the above possibilities, remove the back cover of the hard drive to reveal the circuit control board. Unscrew the fixing screws on the control board to separate the control board from the main body of the hard drive. At this point, you can see two rows of spring plates in the hard drive body.

  One row serves as the power supply for the main motor, and the other row serves as the power supply for the head robot arm drive coil of the hard drive body and the data transmission interface between the hard drive body and the circuit control board.

  For the hard drive without special packaging, you can often see that there is dust in the corresponding parts of the spring plate and the control board.

  Clean with degreasing cotton dipped in anhydrous alcohol, the spring plate deformation of the part of the calibration, and remove the oxide layer, in general, can be restored to normal.

  If the above treatment is not effective, it is necessary to open the hard drive body.

  Choose an environment with little dust, unscrew the screws of the front cover of the hard drive (some are glued firmly).

  Remove the front cover of the hard drive, and then you can clearly see the disk surface.

  First, use a digital multimeter to detect whether the head mechanical arm drive coil is disconnected.

  The normal resistance value of the coil is about 20ω.

  Secondly, detect whether the connection line on the magnetic head is disconnected.

  There is a magnetic head on both sides of each disk, and each head has two wires connected to the integrated chip on the magnetic head arm.

  The chip, commonly known as H1710Q, is used to convert the magnetic signal into an electrical signal, which is then sent to the circuit control board for processing.

  The magnetic head resistance should be between 23ω and 26ω. If the head resistance value is large, indicating that the head is damaged.

  Magnetic head connected to the chip H1710Q, H1710Q corresponding foot resistance should be about 1.7kω, if the 1.2kω below that the chip has been broken, can be replaced together with the line.

  If the magnetic head on the line breakage, available 0.2mm diameter of high-quality enameled wire to replace.

  One end is pressed on the metal shrapnel of the magnetic head, and the other end is soldered to the corresponding foot of H1710Q.

  Note that the enameled wire is stuck in the corresponding slot of the robot arm and fixed with a little 502 glue to prevent the hard drive from rubbing against the enameled wire when it rotates.

  After restoring all parts of the hard drive, finally use 702 silicone to seal around the hard drive to prevent dust from entering.

  Due to the small size of the magnetic head, it is not easy to get the enameled wire stuck on it, so it is best to operate under a magnifying glass.

  This should not be too hard, otherwise it will cause damage to the head, so be careful and careful.

  After this repair hard drive can be restored to normal after the boot.

  Second: prompt hard drive error situation

  For the hard drive prompted "HDD Controller Error" error, mostly due to some reason caused by the hard drive master boot record (MBR) on the file damage.

  The MBR is located on head 0/column 0/sector 1 and is generated by Fdisk.exe when partitioning the hard drive.

  If the MBR is damaged, the microcontroller will prompt HDD Controller Error, which is actually a corrupted file on the zero track, then formatting will not solve the problem, and special software must be used to handle it.

  First of all, after booting with the system disk on disk A, run the Scandisk command to check the C disk.

  If the zero track is not damaged, just use Norton 8.0 to repair the files on the track.

  The specific approach is: find a computer with the same model specifications of the built-in hard drive and the hard drive to be repaired and equipped with Norton 8.0 software, connect the hard drive to be repaired with the hard drive power cable, but the hard drive signal cable is not connected, and the jumper remains unchanged.

  ①Run Disk Edit command after power on, tap CONFIGURATION item from the menu Tools, and cancel the Read Only item.

  ② Select Driver from the drop-down menu O-biect, set the Hard Disk type to Physical Disk, click OK to confirm.

  ③ Select Partition Table from the Ob-ject menu, unplug the signal cable connected to the intact hard drive and connect it to the hard drive to be repaired, click OK to confirm.

  ④ Select Hard Disk1 and click OK, then set Cylinder, Side and Sector to 0, 0 and 1 respectively from the Write Ob-ject to Physical Sectors dialog box and click OK.

  When the Warning dialog box appears, select the Yes item.

  Exit Norton software, so that the master boot information of the hard drive is restored.

  After reboot, the hard drive will be back to normal and the files in the original hard drive will not be lost.

  If the hard drive has zero track damage, first follow the above steps with Norton 8.0 software, but when you get to the third step, set Cylinder, Side, and Sector to 1, 0, 1 respectively and click OK to confirm.

  When the Warning dialog box appears, select the Yes item.

  Exit Norton software, restart the computer, in the BIOS settings hard drive auto-detection column, you can see that the CYLS value is reduced by 1.

  If the original CYLS is 2112, it will become 2111.

  This means that the original hard drive partition table started from the 0 column side of the C drive, and now it starts from the 1 column side.

  Save the BIOS settings and exit.

  After repartitioning and reformatting the hard drive, the hard drive is back to normal.

  There are some other hard drive, self-test prompt "HDD Controller Error".

  Using the above methods to deal with ineffective, can only be scrapped.

  1, the boot error, can not be normal boot. This situation is not necessarily "bad", usually clear the MBR, and then repartition 70% good. If not, should be classified as the third category.

  2, can be normal partition, can be formatted, but the scan found that there is a "B" mark, which is usually called "out of the bad channel". Here can not be divided into "physical bad channel" or "logical bad channel", the number of "B" is small (less than 100), basically 80% can be repaired as If the number of "B" is small (less than 100), basically 80% can be repaired as "good hard drive". This situation out of the need to use some general maintenance software can be solved.

  3, not normal partitioning, or partitioning after the format can not. This situation requires the use of professional repair software, depending on the different brands, the repair rate is different. Generally reach about 50%.

  4, the power is not turned on. This situation is generally circuit board failure, replace the circuit board IC or the entire board can be replaced. Depending on the situation after the turn of another treatment, more than 60% is all good, but some may also have several other types of failure.

  5, the self-test sound normal, the BIOS can not recognize the disk. This is a variety of possible causes, if the board interface problem is to repair the board; if the hard drive into the internal protection mode, it is necessary to use professional software to switch. hard drive Fujitsu out of this problem more, the repair rate of about 90%.

  6, after powering on the head sound knocking more than. This situation is mostly due to head damage, but there are also not head damage. The former is not necessary to replace the head repair if the data is not saved, while the latter has 50% chance to save.

  7、Noisy after power on. In addition to a few can be solved by correcting the spindle, generally do not repair.

  8, forget the password. Most of the hard drive can be set password protection, such as inadvertently forget the password, is extremely difficult to unlock. However, there are still ways, most brands of hard drive can be used to remove the password protection professional software.

  In addition, some hard drive is severely damaged, too many bad sectors (some disks can not exceed 3000, some can not exceed 8000, but some allow more than 10000), the solution is to remove the problem head, or reduce the capacity, while changing the model, is also considered a usable "good hard drive "This can greatly improve the repair rate! This can greatly improve the repair rate!

  Editor's Note: Many times it seems complicated hard drive failure, some times it may not be difficult to repair, many professional data repair centers use professional software to detect and repair, because hard drive when precision instruments, internal parts are very complex, if the internal disk failure, it is very difficult to repair, but some hard drive failure caused by the use of a short time, it is generally likely to be small Failure, encounter the problem may be a dead horse, it may also be able to repair it.
hard drive is broken can be repaired, how to repair hard drive?