How to use external hard drive to install system on MSI computer[Win11 Solutions]

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  The MSI brand focuses on manufacturing military-grade computer motherboards, and its quality has best software to recover failed hard drive been recognized by many computer assemblers.Nowadays, in addition to making motherboards, MSI also best software to recover formatted hard drive produces electronic products such as notebook computers, computer discrete graphics cards, multimedia best software to repair usb flash drive players, etc.But the computer will inevitably have problems when it is used, and when the system needs best tools for recovering hard drive dat a to be reinstalled.Today we will talk about how to use external hard drive to install the system best usb data recovery software free download on MSI notebooks and MSI motherboards.The external hard drive installation system solves the shortcomings best usb file recovery software free download that the UltraISO installation system can't flexibly replace the image file, and the installation best usb flash drive data recovery software speed is faster than the CD installation system.Therefore, external hard drive installation system best usb flash drive for recovery 2018 has become a popular trend of system installation. The following is how to use external hard drive best usb recovery software for surface pro installation system for MSI desktop computers and laptops.

  After the third generation model 16F3, best usb to create chromebook recovery usb the default BIOS is UEFI BIOS, and the boot mode is UEFI boot. If you install win7, you can't boot best way to recover external hard drive non-UEFI devices, so please enter the BIOS before installing win7, and select Boot mode in the Boot best wisconsin external hard drive recovery services column. Change to LEGACY, then press F10 and press Enter to save the changes.Otherwise, if you press bios path for usb recovery windows 10 F11 to boot in the default UEFI mode, you can't find the external hard drive to boot. The third-generation bios recovery usb format fat or exfat models with the win8 BIOS version also need to pay attention to this problem. The models bios recovery usb tool doesnt detyect usb before 16F3 can ignore this step.

  The first is to make a external hard drive boot disk into PE. At bitlocker drive encryption recovery error usb drive present, the most popular ones are Lao Maotao and Chinese cabbage. I personally recommend Xingyu Liyun bitlocker save recovery key usb flash drive to start the download with UEFI.(This site can download the tool)

  Insert the external drive into black friday external hard drive recovery software the computer, then download the Xingyu Liyun external drive creation software, it will automatically blue screen laptop recover files on harddrive recognize the external drive, then click install and wait for a while to create a boot external blue screen of death hard drive recovery drive, and then copy the system image Into the external hard drive anywhere.

  After the external hard boot from device on usb recovery mode drive startup disk and the external hard drive image file are completed, insert the external hard boot from recovery usb windows 8 1 drive into the computer and restart the computer. When you see the boot screen, press the "F11" key boot from usb recovery drive new ssd continuously, as shown in the figure below: It is the boot screen of the MSI notebook.

  Boot into the boot from usb recovery drive windows 10 BIOS interface and press F11, select external hard drive to boot, select the fourth partition tool boot from usb recovery drive windows 8 set on the startup page, and then select Diskgenius, select the hard disk to be partitioned on the boot from usb via cmd recovery mode left, optimistic about the size, it is not good to partition the external hard drive

  Press F6 to pop boot from usb windows 10 recover dat aa up the quick partition interface, select the number of partitions on the left, and adjust the size boot from windows 10 recovery usb drive of each partition on the right. Most hard disks support advanced formatting, so I suggest you check boot recovery usb windows 10 safe mode "Align to 2048 sector" below. Area" to achieve 4K alignment (if the notebook is installed with a boot recovery using a usb flash device solid state drive, this item must be checked, otherwise it will cause a loss of SSD performance)

  After boot surface pro 3 from recovery usb everything is ready, press OK. After a while, the DG will start to perform the partition operation. boot surface pro from usb recovery device You must wait until the execution is complete before restarting.

  After restarting, the interface boot the pc to the usb recovery displayed after the computer is turned on is still pressing F11 to select the external hard drive boot the pc to usb recovery drive to start, enter the PE, and double-click the copied image to load to the virtual CD-ROM drive

  Open boot window from usb recovery drive dell IQI one-key installation & one-key restore on the desktop, and select the drive letter of the virtual boot windows 10 from usb recovery drive CD-ROM drive just loaded

  Open install in the source folder directory.wim, select the system boot windows 10 from usb recovery error version that needs to be installed, click Execute to confirm

  A window similar to a command prompt will boot windows 7 recovery disk from usb appear at this time, do not disturb the mouse at this time, the system will automatically restart boot windows 8 1 from usb recovery after waiting for 100%

  After restarting, wait for Windows to expand the installation file. The time boot windows 8 from usb recovery drive of the computer configuration is different. After about 15 minutes, it will enter the desktop. At boot with usb recover windows 10 hp this time, a pure version of the system is installed (the original system is not activated)

  【MSI bootable hard drive recovery software free download Motherboard】:

  The way to install the system on MSI motherboard desktop computer with external hard bootable recovery and repair cd dvd usb drive is the same as that of MSI notebook. The first step is to make external hard drive boot disk bootable usb data recovery open source windows and make image file.For the method, please refer to the MSI Notebook external hard drive Installation bootable usb recovery image for ts5000 series System Tutorial above.

  The difference between MSI motherboard computer and MSI notebook external bootable usb to recover windows 7 password hard drive installation system lies in the different BIOS settings.

  After making the external hard bootable usb windows 7 password recovery reset drive boot disk and the image file and loading it into the external hard drive, insert the external bricked mac air boot from usb recovery hard drive into the computer and restart the computer.After entering the boot interface, quickly britec usb flash drive recovery windows xp press "DEL" or F11 to enter the BIOS setting interface, find and enter the option containing the word broken android data recovery without usb debugging "BIOS" in the BIOS interface, 1."Advanced BIOS Features"

  2.After entering "Advanced BIOS Features" broken external hard disk can be recovered , find the first boot device option that contains "First", "First Boot Device"

  3.In the "First Boot broken laptop recover data hard drive external Device" option, select "external hard drive" and press Enter. After the configuration is set, press broken screen data recovery without usb debugging the "F10" key on the keyboard to save and exit, then the computer will restart by itself, and the broken usb external hard drive recover files rest is to automatically install the system.

  Select "1st boot device" and press Enter to enter its build imac recovery usb drive on laptop submenu.(Before changing this option, the system defaults to the hard disk as the first boot, that burn windows 10 recovery usb after crashing is, the reason for "hard disk" is displayed on the right side of this option)

  Select the external burn windows 7 recovery disk to usb drive in the submenu and press Enter to set it as the first startup item.

  After saving, we can see burning veeam recovery media iso to usb the changes that appear on the right side of "1st boot device" (in the brackets it becomes my external business that transfers hard drive data recovery drive, that is, my external drive has been set to the first boot).

  Finally, press "F10", then buy dfl ddp usb3.0 data recovery equipment press OK, save and exit

  Select Hard Disk Drives or Hard Drives BBS Priorities startup method, after buy windows 10 recovery usb from microsoft entering, you can select external hard drive to boot.The following steps are the same as the MSI ca ch s峄?du ng usb recovery driver notebook, so I won't repeat it here. You can follow the method described above.

  The above is the cable to recover external hard drive bad installation tutorial for MSI notebook and MSI motherboard desktop computer with external hard drive cables for mounting hard drive data recovery installation system. Those who need it can refer to the following.