How to install Win11 or Win11 graphic tutorials on Macbook air[Win11 Solutions]

28 2021-08-21 14:50

  After reading the title of the article, you may recall that installing Windows 7 or Windows 8 on external program to boot recovery partition the Macbook air is not a horrible thing?But many people do it.Let's take a look at the specific graphic external ssd delete my files recovery tutorials!

  Production hardware: one 8G external drive (at least one blank external drive larger external thrombosed hemorrhoid surgery recovery time than 6G), one Macbook air

  Production software and platform: genuine win7/win8 system image iso external usb hard drive data recovery file, download from Microsoft official website

  1. Make an installed external drive and drive (all in external usb hard drive recovery center one external drive)

  2. Install windows7/windows8

  3. Install the windows driver

  Make an installed external usb hard drive recovery software external drive and drive (all in a external drive)

  1. First copy the ISO system image (32-bit external usb pen drive data recovery or 64-bit) to the Macbook air desktop.Open Boot Camp

  2. Insert the external drive, select the first extrac information for usb recover dat a two (the first two are automatic production and installation and drive the external drive, in a extrnal hard drive recovery software free external drive), click continue

  3. Choose where you put the system image ISO file.and then continue

failed hard drive data recovery cost   Bootcamp will format the external drive and then automatically download the win7 driver and make failed hard drive data recovery mac the system image into an installed external drive until it is completed. The whole process takes about failed hard drive data recovery services 30 minutes.

  1. After the external drive is ready, close Bootcamp, reopen Boot Camp Assistant, failed hard drive data recovery software select the third item, install windows7

  2. Choose how much space you want to allocate to windows. If failed hard drive recovery software free it is 64G, it is recommended to compress to the maximum. Click the middle point and the system will failed harddrive data recovery cost us automatically determine it. If it is 128G, it is recommended to divide 70G to Windows and click to failed mac hard drive data recovery install

  3. After finishing, select the partition you need to install to, because we want to install fast external hard drive recovery software windows7 to the partition we want to install, and found that the next step can't be clicked.It's fast hard drive data recovery software okay, click the Drive options advanced option, and then click Format

  4. Windows 7 is being fastest data recovery software hard drive installed!!!

  5. Next, everyone should be all right. After entering windows, just keep clicking on the next fastest free hardware drive recovery program step.

  Install the windows driver:

  When the windows is completed, you will find that your network faulty external hard drive data recovery card, sound card, graphics card and many motherboard drivers are not loaded, do not worry, you only faulty external hard drive recover dat a need to do a simple installation as follows

  Open the external drive you made before, open bootcamp, file and photo recovery usb drive click install, the system will automatically load all the drivers, restart, and you're done.