Onecore FC1178BC mass production repair external hard drive tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

11 2021-08-21 14:20

  If you encounter the problem that the external drive can't be formatted or is write-protected, we how do i recover hidden files on my usb have said in a special tutorial that the best way is to mass-produce it, and it is also the easiest how do i recover on a usb recovery drive way to successfully repair the external drive to avoid future problems. A external drive controlled how do i recover photos from external hard drive by a core FC1178BC teaches you how to mass-produce and repair the external drive.Note that no matter how do i recover photos from my hard drive what brand, different masters are used, and to know if your external hard drive is a one-core FC117 how do i recover pictures from my hard drive 8BC, you only need to check it with ChipGenius software. It is very simple without disassembling the how do i recover space on my hard drive external hard drive.

  1. ChipGenius detects that the main control of the external drive is a one-core how do i recover windows 8 on hard drive FC1178BC, as shown in the figure below, indicating that your external drive is suitable for this how do i repair windows 10 with recovery usb tutorial.

  Pay attention to save the vid pid number in ChipGenius, use notepad to save the vid pid how do i retrieve deleted files from a harddrive number in the position above, you will use it later

  2. Then we find the corresponding mass production how do i retrieve deleted files from my usb tool version on the external hard drive network: download the one-core FC1178 external hard drive how do i retrieve deleted files on hard drive mass production tool iTe MpTools, we plug the external hard drive into the computer, then open the how do i run usb recovery drive windows 10 mass production tool, click refresh, and then the volume There is a green bar in the box in the how do i use my windows 10 recovery usb production tool indicating that your external hard drive has been identified, and then we click to set, how do i use the recovery usb windows 10 as shown in the figure below

  3. In the product setting, we need to check whether it is the same how do u run password recovery file on usb as the vid and pid of ChipGenius. If they are different, fill in the same number manually.

  4. Switch how do you boot from a windows recovery usb to the bin setting and set the capacity of your external hard drive in the capacity setting. For how do you create a usb recovery drive quizlet example, if your external hard drive is 8G, fill in 8X1024 to get 8192M, you can just fill in 8192M how do you create a windows 7 recovery usb directly.

  5. At this time, the setting is completed, we save the settings and click Start All to how do you recover data deleted from a harddrive start mass production as shown in the figure below

  The time required for mass production is relatively how do you recover data from a hard drive long, it may take an hour. Please wait patiently and do not let the computer enter the sleep mode, how do you recover data from external hard drive otherwise the external drive will become a brick if the mass production fails.

  6. After the mass how do you recover data from someone's hard drive production is successful, the tool will prompt, and then we close the mass production tool, unplug how do you recover deleted files from a usb the external hard drive and reinsert it into the computer to see if the external hard drive is intact how do you recover files from a broken usb as before.

  Note: If you encounter Ix has stopped working error after clicking Start all, we only how do you recover files from a hard drive need to right click on MpToolsIt.exe mass production program, select "Properties", then check "Run how do you recover files from a usb reddit this program in compatibility mode" in the "Compatibility" tab, and select Windows XP.

  Summary: how do you recover files from crashed hard drive For the one-core FC1178BC master control external hard drive, mass production is still very simple. how do you recover hard drive to previous state There are almost no too many setting options to directly mass produce successfully. For novices, there how do you retrieve files from a hard drive is no difficulty, compared to other master control external hard drives. Production is also much how do you start from recovery usb windows 10 simpler. I believe everyone will not worry about mass production failure after reading this tutorial. how does my husband recover text messages i deleted Repairing the external drive is also very easy. Of course, your external drive must be the master how is data recovered from a crashed hard drive control. If not, please refer to other mass productions. Tutorial.