USB drive folder is missing, how to recover lost documents files?

259 2021-06-22 01:33

  What should I do if my files are missing from the USB flash drive? How to recover data?

  If you're looking for a way to get your files back on your USB drive, you'll be able to get them back on your USB drive. The following, I will talk to you about how to retrieve the files that suddenly disappeared from the USB drive.

  What are the common reasons why files are missing from a USB drive?

  In modern society, USB flash drive is a common data storage device, USB flash drive is lightweight, easy to carry, plug and play on many occasions and devices can be useful. However, due to these characteristics of the USB flash drive, resulting in some problems from time to time, such as the common USB flash drive files suddenly disappeared and disappeared, the USB flash drive and computer connected to a good, open the USB flash drive after a blank, the files are missing. This situation is relatively common, but the cause of this problem is not fixed, here I summarized some of the more common reasons for your reference.

  The files in the USB drive are missing recovery method one: show hidden files, folders and drives

  This method is suitable for retrieving hidden files, if the files that have disappeared from the USB drive are not hidden, then please refer to method two to retrieve the lost files; this tutorial uses the Windows 10 system, other Windows versions of the system may be slightly different in terms of specific operations, but much the same, here is not an example.

  Step 1: Connect the USB flash drive to the computer, then double-click the "This PC" icon on the desktop to open folder Explorer.

  Step 2: Find the disk drive in folder Explorer, double-click the disk drive to open it.

  Step 3: Click the "View" tab on the menu bar, and then check the "Hidden Items" option.

  flash drive files missing recovery method two: the use of flash drive data recovery software to retrieve lost files

  If the files that disappeared from the USB drive are not hidden, it is possible that they were deleted by mistake, in which case you can try to use data recovery software to recover the files. So what is the best data recovery software to use when files are missing from a USB drive?

  Airy data recovery is one of the most commonly used data recovery software, with powerful data recovery features, can handle a variety of data loss problems, including USB flash drive data recovery. Using Airy data recovery you can retrieve documents, photos, videos, audio and other data lost due to deletion, formatting, partition not opening prompting formatting, partition loss, etc.; and support folder recovery from various brands and capacities of USB drives. airy data recovery data recovery software free version can scan and preview the lost data so that Users can test the recovery effect of the software before the actual recovery.

  Download Airy data recovery for free

  Now you can see with me how to use Airy data recovery to retrieve lost files from USB flash drive.

  Step 1: Connect the USB drive you need to recover data from to your computer, then download and run the Airy data recovery software.

  Click on the free download button on the Airy data recovery official website to download the free trial version of Airy data recovery software, unzip it after downloading, and then double-click on the Airy data recovery.exe application to open the software.

  Step 2: Find and click on the lost data partition of the USB drive in the software, and then click on the "Recover Files" button at the top of the software, as shown below.

  Step 3: Scan the USB drive to search for folder .

  Click the "Start" button and Airy data recovery software will start a deep scan of the USB drive. The scanning process will quickly list the data found in time to visualize the scanning process and improve the efficiency of USB drive data recovery. In addition, the data classification in the scan result is simple and intuitive, making it easy for users to filter and find files.

  Step 4: Preview folder files.

  Double click on a folder in the scan result to view the complete folder content. This intuitive folder preview can help us quickly find the folder we need and determine whether the folder can be recovered properly. If a folder is corrupted, such as a picture, you will not be able to see the normal folder content when previewing the file.

  Step 5: Copy the folder files.

  Copy the scanned files to other disks to complete the USB drive data recovery process. Check the files you need in the software, then click the right mouse button and select "Copy to specified folder", after which you can create a new folder on your computer hard drive or other storage device to save the recovered data.


  The above is the solution to the missing files on the USB flash drive, I hope it can help you to recover the lost files in time to recover the loss. Finally, I remind you that although USB data recovery is easy, but you can not ignore the importance of data backup. important data in the USB drive should be backed up in a timely manner, which can avoid many data loss problems. If you have any questions about USB folder data recovery or need help, please feel free to contact us.