How to use U master to make a USB boot disk[Win11 Solutions]

29 2021-08-21 13:40

  How to use U master to make a USB boot disk

  Some users do not have a CD-ROM drive on their possibility of recovering a formatted hard drive computers, but they want to install a new system on their computers, so how to solve this problem.Today, pqi usb 3.0 flash drives recovery tool the editor will teach you how to use U Master to make a USB boot disk. Users in need come and have a primary hard drive has two recovery partitions look.

  1. Preparation: Home of external hard drive

  Prepare 1 external drive, ghost system file.

professional data recovery for failed hard drive   1.One external hard drive, (external hard drive above 2G is recommended) Home of external hard professional external hard drive data recovery software drive

  2.Download the latest U master external hard drive boot disk creation tool from this site.

  3. program to recover deleted files from usb Download the system you need or like to your computer's hard disk first, because in the next step we programs to recover data from hard drive will make a USB boot disk and format the external drive. external hard drive Home

  Second, make a programs to recover files from hard drive bootable external drive

  1.First insert the external hard drive. If there are important data and programs to recover lost data on usb files stored in the external hard drive, please make a backup. USB home

  2.Double-click to run Master programs to recover lost dta on usb external hard drive to start the authoring tool, the running interface is as follows:

  3.Select the ps3 hard drive repair and data recovery corresponding external drive in the "Select external drive" drop-down list, and select the "U flash ps3 xmb system hard drive data recovery drive mode" according to the external drive.

  4.You can select "Advanced Settings" to set up the ps4 only shows hard drive recovery screen winpe interface that will be made afterwards, and you can select "Simulate Startup" to test whether ps4 usb system recovery fat32 or exfat the external hard drive boot is made successfully.Of course, if your external drive is already a boot psp 1000 recovery menu usb charge battery external drive, you can also choose "Restore external drive" to log out and make it a normal external pulling out your harddrive to recover files drive.If you don't want to make any changes, you can directly click the button in the middle "make purpose driven celebrate recovery bible hardcover book a USB boot disk with one click".

  5.A prompt box will pop up, prompting you to back up important put android tablet in usb recovery mode data on the external hard drive. If you have important data, please make a backup first. If it has put recover for windows 10 on usb been backed up, click "OK". external hard drive Home

  6.When making a bootable external drive, the put recovery and installation on same usb initial data will be formatted, please wait for the completion of this process.As shown in the picture: put recovery image on new hard drive Home of external hard drive

  7.After the production is completed, a prompt pops up, click "OK", put the recovery partition in a usb at this time, if you plug in the external hard drive again, it can be used as a boot disk. external put windows 10 on usb to recover hard drive Home

  8.Prepare image file

  1. Please copy your ghost file to the GHO directory of the put windows vista recovery disk on usb external hard drive (if not, please create it manually). external hard drive Home

  2. Change the quick books 2012 recover from hard drive file name to "auto.gho".

  9.Pull out the external drive and turn off the computer.Set the external raw data hard drive recovery windows 10 drive to boot (there are two methods)

  1) Press the "DEL" key on the first screen of the computer ready to use phoenix crisis recovery usb to enter the BIOS (maybe some hosts are not DEL and some are F2 or F1.Please follow the interface readynas usb flash recovery 4.01c1 p2.img download prompts to enter), select Advanced BIOS FEATURES, and set Boot Sequence to USB-HDD mode. First, the rebooting windows 10 usb flash drive recovery setting method is to press PageUP or PageDown on this item to switch options.After setting, press ESC recover 20g data on usb flash drive once to return to the main BIOS interface, select Save and Exit (save and exit the BIOS settings, you recover a chromebook hard drive data recovery can directly press F10, but not all BIOS support) Enter to confirm and exit the BIOS settings. USB recover a deleted powerpoint from a usb home

  2) If you find it troublesome to enter the BIOS setup, you can select the external hard drive recover a folder from usb drive free to install the system boot hotkey F12 according to different models of computers.This can quickly recover a hard drive that went raw set the computer to boot from a external drive. external hard drive Home

  10.Enter the WINPE function recover a hard drive that won& 39 selection interface, here select 2 to enter the winpe startup interface.(The startup process of recover a hard drive with bad sectors windows pe system will be different according to the different computer configuration. The startup time recover a lost word document from usb will generally vary from 1-5 minutes.!

  After entering the winpe system, run the one-key restore recover a wd hard drive that failed backup software of Master U to start restoring the operating system!Select the system file you want recover a xp hard drive onwindows 10 to restore, select the system installation disk, click OK after selection, as shown in the figure recover act database from crashed hard drive below

  Run U master one-key restore backup software

  Prompt the backup box USB home

  Recovering. recover activation key officenon booting hard drive external hard drive Home

  The computer automatically completes the installation

  Wait for the recover admin password windowsxp by using usb installation to complete, restart the computer, unplug the external hard drive, the computer will start recover administrator password windows 7 using usb according to the normal hard disk!Wait quietly for the process of system recovery! USB home

  The recover adnroid phone files using usb c above is the specific steps of using U Master to make a USB boot disk. Users who do not have a CD on recover after windows turned external hard drive the computer should try this method. Use this method to install the system.

  How to use U Master recover all deleted files from hard drive to make a USB boot disk: