The external hard drive is divided into multiple zones why the system only recognizes one for how to identify the second partition[Win11 Solutions]

22 2021-08-21 13:10

  Some friends will definitely think that since the hard disk can be divided into several zones, why password recovery windows xp usb boot can't the external hard drive be divided into several.I haven't seen anyone partition the external password recovery won't boot with usb hard drive. Now the external hard drive capacity is getting larger and larger, and there are 128G path for windows 10 recovery usb external hard drives, which are equivalent to the capacity of ordinary hard disks a few years ago. If pc hard drive data recovery software such a large capacity is not divided into several areas, it feels like storing files. It is inconvenient pc hard drive file recovery software and difficult to manage, but I successfully partitioned the external hard drive with a hard disk pc hard drive recovery hamilton nj partitioning tool such as diskgenius, but the computer does not recognize it at all. Sometimes it pc hard drive recovery software free can recognize the last partition, and sometimes it doesn't even recognize the entire external hard pc hard drive recovery sylvania ohio drive. what happend?

  In fact, this is very simple, the traditional external hard drive master, windows pc magazine hard drive recovery software will not recognize the second partition.linux can.This is a limitation of Microsoft itself, and pc won boot windows recovery usb if you want linux to be recognized, you also need a special linux partitioning tool to partition, pc won't boot from usb recovery such as gparted, but there are few linux systems now, right?.

  So under win, is there really no way pc won't boot windows recovery usb to identify the partitions with more external hard drives.The answer is definitely yes, there are two pc world external hard drive recovery ways, one is difficult and the other is troublesome;

  1. This is a workaround. The BOOTICE tool can perform windows recovery on hard drive be used to set one of the partitions of the multi-partition external hard drive to be visible at philips usb flash drive repair software any time. Although it can't be visible at the same time, it is also a solution;

  Or use common partition phison ps2251 07 usb recovery tool software for partitioning. Both FAT32 and NTFS formats are available. You can use BOOTICE to phison ps2251 07 usb recovery tools activate which partition depends on which partition is shown in the figure below:

  Click the activation phoenix bios crisis recovery disk usb button to show it, it's easy to use.

  2. This method is a bit difficult, and generally there are phoenix bios crisis recovery program usb 2 partitions at most, but the advantage is that the system is actually recognized as 2 disks. Yes, phoenix bios crisis recovery usb stick it is realized by using mass production tools. The specific method is a bit troublesome. First of phoenix crisis recovery disk tool usb all, you have to First use chipgenius to check what your external hard drive master control is. For phoenix crisis recovery usb flash drive example, in the case of Phison, search for the latest Phison mass production tool on the mass production phone battery destroyed recover data usb website, and mass produce 2 removable disks according to its tutorial, but this The disadvantage photo recovery from dead hard drive of the method is that if mass production fails, the external drive may not be recognized. At this photo recovery from deleted hard drive time, the external drive has to be disconnected and short-circuited to fix it. So if you don't understand photo recovery software for hard drives mass production, don't toss, if you love to learn the actual amount. Production is not difficult. photo recovery software formatted hard drive In addition, mass production can also divide the external hard drive into a USB-CDROM analog CD + physical hard drive data recovery tool a normal external hard drive partition. It is very special. The analog CD partition is mainly used physical hard drive failure data recovery to install the system to start the computer, but the computer recognizes it. There are also two physically broken hard drive data recovery partitions, but one is a read-only partition.As shown below:

  Of course, if your external drive is pioneer dvr hard drive recovery tools controlled by Huirong or Yincan, you can divide the external drive into more than 2 visible partitions pixel 2 xl usb recovery mode with software similar to a external drive mass production tool.

  For example, the method to solve the pixel c switch to usb recovery multi-partition of the external hard drive, there is a need to move: the external hard drive is please insert a recovery usb stick divided into multiple visible partitions