How to recover data from a partitioned USB drive that has caused data corruption?


What is the concept of partitioning a USB drive? Simply put, it is a partitioning of a USB drive into several zones like a computer disk, so that the data can be better classified and sorted into categories to make it more efficient for the user.

How to recover video document data from a partitioned USB drive

As the USB drive is divided into two zones due to a mistake when formatting the whole disk. This is a very serious problem, the best thing is to migrate all the files before partitioning the USB drive for empty disk action. Because the partition will be very likely to cause the first and last of the data is not related, that is, causing data damage. So how to recover a partitioned USB drive?

  Figure 1. Diagram of partitioning a USB drive

  When I partitioned the flash drive, which still contains some relatively important data, so the first time I turned to the almighty Baidu. The answer given by Baidu has two methods.

  Method 1: operate within the computer. Press "win+r" to open the Run screen, type "cmd" in the dialog box, enter after typing diskpart, then enter after typing list disk, disk0, disk1, etc. will appear. Then type list disk and enter. Here, type select disk X (X represents the number 0 or 1 behind the disk, the size of the disk can be used to determine how much the number is, usually 1), press enter. Rename the USB drive.

  Figure 2. Computer open command Window

  Method 1 is simple and fast, but only for empty disks, or for your data is not important, does not affect the case of your combined disk. Obviously, the situation I encountered does not support the use of this method.

  So in order to save the flash drive data from the difficulties, I used another more people use the method - the use of data recovery software. Here I used the data recovery software is Airy data recovey professional for windows.

  The specific operation is as follows: Use Airy data recovey to scan all the files of the entire USB drive, the purpose of this step is to find out the lost data, and then use Airy data recovey to recover the process.

  Figure 3. Airy data recovey data recovery software

  Immediately afterwards, with all data intact, use the first method and perform a disk merge operation in the computer. Since there is no longer any data loss at this point, the feasibility of method one is high. After the final disk merging is completed, you can save the important data as, and delete all the unwanted part of the data recovered from the USB disk using Airy data recovey.

  Undoubtedly, partitioning USB flash drive brings us convenience, but it also comes with some minor problems. Anyway, if you have the need to combine disks after partitioning, you can try Airy data recovey to recover data integrity before combining disks according to my tutorial.