How to repair a external hard drive that cannot be opened [Win11 Solutions]

18 2021-08-21 11:20

  Recently, my external drive was broken. I formatted it when installing the system. Then I turned why would recovery fail using a manufacurer provided usb iso on the external drive and it displayed "Please insert the disk into the drive" and it couldn't be will a recovery disk work on a new hard drive formatted. external hard drive Home

  I have just used it for a few months and it is a pity to lose it, will creating a recovery drive ruin my external hard drive so I checked the information and found the tool ChipGenius chip detection tool HPUSBFWSDFormatterSSS-6633b2 will i lose my data if use bootabl recovery usb master external drive tool Bronco external drive formatting tool UFormatUSBoot Patriot will recuva v1.53.1087 recover deleted files from a usb drive external drive repair tool Hui Rong SMI SM32X_HO918 star production tool and a series of external hard will they be able to recover my files hard drive drive repair tools.I tried everything, but it didn't work at all. USB home

  Later, I found a solution win 7 recovery cannot see external hard drive 2 0 on the Internet, and now I share it with everyone.

  Open the control panel, management tools, windows 10 after usb recovery just going to password screen computer management, storage, disk management in turn. external hard drive Home

  Right-click on the windows 10 home 64 iso for recovery usb 64 bit text "Disk 1", select "Initialize Disk", and click "OK" directly. external hard drive Home

  After the windows 10 how to recover windows from hard drive crash initialization is completed, the status of the external hard drive becomes "online".Note that the windows 10 move recovery partition to flash usb and erase lock of the external hard drive must be in the open state at this time, otherwise the following prompt windows 10 professional 64 bit on usb reinstall restore recovery will appear: "Because the media is write-protected, the required *work can't be completed." windows 10 recovery disk usb flash drive format fat32 ntfs

  Right-click on the white box on the right and select "New Disk Partition" to enter the New Disk Partition windows 10 recovery drive install on a new hard drive . Click Next directly and select the partition type (primary disk partition, extended disk partition windows 10 recovery files on usb stuck on blue screen or logical drive). Generally, select the primary disk partition. Can. external hard drive Home

  windows 10 recovery hard drive has less space as before  Select the amount of disk space: generally use the default size.

  Assign a drive letter (or not windows 10 recovery reinstall boot restore usb flash drive recovery assign).

  Select "Format this disk partition according to the following settings" to set the formatting windows 10 recovery usb download version 1809 media creation tool form (file system type, allocation unit size, volume label) (you don't need to select quick format). windows 10 recovery usb not loading site answers microsoft com external hard drive Home

  Successfully completed the formatting .Click Finish and wait for its windows 10 recovery usb shows up as uefi not bios formatting to complete.After formatting is completed, the status of the external drive is displayed windows 10 reinstall recovery repair restore boot fix usb troubleshooting as "in good condition", that is, you are done. USB home

  Be careful not to choose the wrong disk, windows 10 reset bootloop not loading from usb recovery drive otherwise the consequences will be very serious.

  How to repair a external hard drive that can't be windows 10 the hard drive recovery process has been selected opened?: