SanDisk external hard drive CZ48 Repair USB Broken Head and Restore Data Tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

17 2021-08-21 11:10

  On Saturday, I went to the Xiadi stall again.A blue USB head was found in a bunch of old data create recovery disk windows 8 1 usb cables.

  Pick it up and see it is a external drive, SanDisk CZ48 or 16G USB3.0.Ask the price, 2 yuan.

  create recovery media on external hard drive  Resolutely pay money and leave.

  16G, or USB3.0 2 yuan earned~~

  Take a closer look, there seems create recovery partition on external hard drive to be something wrong with the USB port here.

  When it was launched, the USB heads down directly.

  create recovery usb flash drive option missing  Start dismantling.This external drive is difficult to disassemble without damage.Baidu has been create recovery usb flash drive windows 7 dismantled, and they are basically dismantled violently.

  So I researched it and finally took it apart create recovery usb for mac on windows without any damage.Downstairs explain how to dismantle without damage.

  I didn't have a clue when create recovery usb for surface pro 4 I first started dismantling.

  Later, Baidu took a look, and it was basically demolished violently.But create recovery usb for windows 10 tablet after watching them disassembled, I found a trick.

  It turns out that there are two barbs here, create recovery usb from different windows system stuck on the shell.

  Find two thin plastic pieces, insert them from these two positions, pin the two create recovery usb from iso on mac barbs, push them back and they will come out.

  Should be genuine.Worth the toss.

  TLC.Sad create recovery usb mac os x 10.8 reminder.USB3.Use TLC after 0.

  Visually inspect USB3.0 only one foot was broken.

  The USB iron shell is create recovery usb mac os x yosemite bent.Oh my god.How powerful is this.

  I want to reinforce the USB, so I thought about removing the create recovery usb windows 10 command prompt USB boss.The result was split in half.

  Fainted.USB 2.All four feet of part 0 are broken.

  No USB3 create recovery usb windows 10 on mac in hand.A male head of 0 can only be a dead horse doctor.

  Remove the USB iron shell.

  This is create recovery windows usb backup windows 7 USB2.4 legs in part 0.Even the plastic parts are broken.

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