How to recover accidentally deleted your file (quciky and safe)?


how to recover accidentally deleted your word excel, photo etc file

⒈Islamic my dear friends welcome at my channel I‘m your host of dramatically from Missouri Afghanistan n in today’s video I‘m going to show you two ways to get back to your files from an Android phone or tablet after the big a hardison affected I said have you ever accidentally formatted or deleted your

⒉files from below under device if so then in this video I will show you two possible ways to get back you’ll appreciate files from your mobile phone or tablet before you go find out make

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⒋okay guys as I said in this video I‘m going to show you two ways to recover your files from your Android phone or tablet first we will try to recover our files using a computer recovery software after that we will try to recover our files using an Android app itself as you

⒌can see now here I have an Android phone in which I have a lot of files as you can see I have a lot of pictures and videos also I have a lot of apps installed on my phone but now I’m going to do a factory reset of this phone to make sure everything‘s deleted let me quickly do a factory reset of this phone

⒍settings backup and new set factory data reset after that I want to reset my phone I’m going to also check this phone too it has my phone‘s internal storage after that I want to reset my phone it’s

asking me for my pin okay now my pain is done continue now I am up to tap on it is everything which will shut down my phone and it will erase everything so this step can take up to five minutes

you know factory reset usually takes three to five minutes so I‘m going to skip the step to save the time you okay now you can see my phone is rebooted but now everything will be deleted let me go to my phone’s gallery

now you can see nothing left on this phone because everything is deleted as you can see all the apps are gone and now I‘m going to show you how to get those files back okay to do that first

of all enable USB debugging on your phone so let me quickly do that settings about phone tap seven or eight times on build number after that go back and there you have developer options after that turn on your speed debugging now once it’s done connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable once your

phone is connected PC first of all go to the link in description below and download this recovery software which is called wondershare doctor phone for Android this software is not free but you don‘t have to worry I’ll give you

the software with the license key after we install the software let‘s connect your internet connection immediately you do not use the software while your computer is connected Internet so make sure you have you have disconnect to the internet on your computer okay once you install the

how to recover accidentally deleted your word excel, photo folder

software open it after that click on yes once the software is open just wait for a few seconds until you the software detects your form okay now select the file types that you want to recover in

my case I hope to select all except this one except this one I want I’m going to uncheck what‘s up messages and attachments cuz I don’t use whatsapp so accept that I‘ll check all of the file

types after that can connects now it’s analyzing the device okay at this time if your phone is rooted then you have to click on you have to give permission to root access on your phone if not then click on retry after that you will get into this screen

now is scanning my device for deleted or log files why this process the low touch your phone to no touch your phone leave your fault as it is do not touch it also do not connect your computer to

quite less less than expected this this offer didn’t find all of my files which were deleted which is very disappointing you know anyway once the search is completed click on recover to save your files and after that select the location in my case I am going to save it on desktop in a new folder after that click

on recover and now files are saving ok now the files are saved so let‘s go ahead and see complete so there you go as you can see there I have recovered my files but ok guys as you saw the

computer recovery software did it help you to get back all of my files in the second method we are going to use an Android app which will help us to recover our files from our phone before I go further I am going to tell you one thing if you have delivered your files

now then you must take action in as soon as possible if we don’t take action immediately then you copy new files to the occasion where you have deleted files

and also if you copy new file to that location the old file the old file that you are deleted will be overwritten end for recovery surface overwritten files are very difficult to find so you must do this so as I said second method we are going to use an Android app called disk digger this app is totally free and

available from Play Store and it has two versions one is this bigger pro and the other is disk bigger the speaker pro works on rooted android phones while this bigger works on lan rooted android

phones this critical pro recovers all file types including and before audio pictures et Cie while the other side the sticker works on non looted Android phone and it recovers only pictures so my phone is rooted so I‘ll definitely go

with this digger Pro once you open this app select the location where you have deleted your files and Mac s my files were deleted from my phone’s internal storage so I am going to select this one slash data 11 point 95 gigabytes so I want to select this after that select the files that you want to recover in my

case I am going to recover only jpg and before so ok after that it will start scanning your phone now it‘s scanning my files it will take more than 10 minutes or 15 minutes depending on your phone’s internal storage okay now scan is completed just click on OK and after that select the pictures or videos that

you want to save on your false in teller or the SD card so I love to select some photos okay once you select all of your files just click on save over em just click on the Save button after that click on save

selected file after that selects select a folder where you want to save it in my case I want to save it on pictures folder over here after that click on OK and now files will be saved on your location so let‘s go to my phone’s internal storage pictures now you can

see these are the files that I‘ve saved you guys that’s it that what my tutees to recover your files from your Android phone or tablet after doing a hard reset or factory reset I hope Mike's video helped you to recover your files if it did then please

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