Why external hard drive Reading Speed Is Faster than Writing Speed [Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-21 10:00

  Everyone knows that the read speed of the external drive is often much higher than the write speed. hp usb windows 8.1 64b recovery kit Not only the external drive, but also the hard disk, and the memory are like this. Have you ever hp windows 10 64 bit recovery usb wondered why.

  The following is the specification of NAND

  ? Page Read Operation

  -Page Size: (4K hp windows 10 recovery new hard drive + 128)Byte

  -Random Read: 60μs(Max.)

  -Serial Access: 25ns(Min.)

  ? Memory Cell: 2bit / Memory hp windows 10 recovery usb includes drivers Cell

  ? Fast Write Cycle Time

  -Program time: 800μs(Typ.)

  -Block Erase Time: 1.5ms(Typ.)

  Remove hp windows 8 1 recovery usb download the time to write commands and addresses

  Single page reading speed: (4096+128)/(60μs+(4096+128)*25 hp windows 8 elitebook recovery usb download ns)=24.3M/s actual available data: 23.6M/s

  Single cache read speed: (4096+128)*128/(60μs+(4096+128 hp windows recovery doesn't see usb devices )*25ns*128)=38M/s Actual available data: 36.8M/s

  Single page write speed: (4096+128)/(800μs+(4096+ hp windows recovery doesn't see usb keyboard 128)*25ns)=4.4M/s actual available data: 4.3M/s

  Single cache write speed: (4096+128)*128/(800μs*12 hpe ml350 gen10 uefi usb recovery environment 8+(4096+128)*25ns)=5M/s Actual available data: 4.9M/s

  Ultimate speed after all acceleration hpe uefi usb spp 2017.1 recovery environment technologies (interleaving + Cache) are used

  Read: 4096/(4096+128)*25ns=37M/s

  Write: 4096/800μs/2=9.8M/s

  If hpw to change usb to recovery drive you need to erase when actually writing, add the time required for erasing.

  When actually www.datarecovery.co.nz data recovery hard disk drive reading it out, the main control also needs to perform ECC verification, which also takes some time. www.intercambiosvirtuales.org tag hard drive data recovery

  So reading is faster than writing