[Fixed] external hard drive cannot be opened after formatting [Win11 Solutions]

32 2021-08-21 09:40

  I believe that many of my friends have encountered a external drive formatted on a computer, and free windows 8 1 recovery usb it will not open after changing to another computer.Regarding the problem that the external drive still free windows 8 password recovery usb can't be opened after formatting, the editor has collected the solutions from many friends from free windows hard drive recovery tool the Internet, and I will share with you below.

  1. If the data in your external drive is not that free windows password recovery software usb important, it is recommended to use a external drive repair tool to repair it, reformat it, and try free windows password recovery tool usb again.

  2. In this case, it is possible that your file system or main control chip is broken. In this free windows password recovery using usb case, the data on the external hard drive is more difficult to protect, and only low-level repair free windows system recovery bootable usb methods can be used.

  3. Generally, the external drive can't be opened after formatting. The problem free windows vista password recovery usb of the external drive itself is relatively high. You can try to replace the USB interface, or change free windows vista recovery usb download the computer to see if it can be opened normally. If it still can't be opened and there is no free windows xp password recovery usb important data, It is still recommended to use mass production tools for mass production processing.If freenas recover key from usb drive you have data, you can first consider recovering the data.

  Of course, the above method does not freeware data recovery corrupted hard drive necessarily guarantee that your external drive will be fully restored to normal. If you encounter a freeware for data recovery from usb problem with the external drive, I suggest you to find the corresponding tutorials in the external drive freeware partition recovery for usb stick tutorial section of the external drive home. If there is no way to deal with it, you will die. When freeware recover data damaged hard drive you are a horse doctor, try all the methods you can try. If you can't, buy a new external drive. freeware recover files from hard drive The price of external drives is very cheap nowadays, but you must buy a regular manufacturer to avoid freeware to recover formatted hard drive further problems with the external drive.

  Also, if there are a lot of important data files in the freeware windows 8 password recovery usb external drive, and you really can't bear to discard them, you can try mass production methods to freeze external hard drive data recovery solve them.

  In mass production, first use the chip worry-free to detect the external hard drive, freezing external hard drive data recovery understand the master control information, and find the corresponding master control model of the mass galaxy s4 system recovery usb debug production tool.

  Mass production tools, there are many on this site.You can download it according gateway recovery disk new hard drive to your needs.

  See the picture to understand.I hope to be helpful

  What to do if the external gateway windows 10 recovery media usb drive can't be opened after formatting?: