the external hard drive cannot be displayed[Win11 Solutions]

28 2021-08-21 08:10

  Friends often use their own external drives to print things, or they find that there is nothing in mac os high sierra usb recovery the external drive after being borrowed by a friend. After panicking, they don't know what to do. mac os recovery usb from windows In fact, you can try the following methods to restore it:

  Method 1: Show hidden files

  1. First mac os sierra recovery usb drive open the anti-virus software or security software such as 360, and then plug it into the computer. The mac os x 10.9 recovery usb security software immediately pops up a warning prompt box, but many of the programs displayed in mac os x bootable recovery usb it are written by myself, and some are also security software, so I clicked " Not processed yet".

  2 mac os x hard drive recovery . Then, let's turn on my computer and take a look, and find that there are not many files, and some mac os x lion recovery usb are not visible:

  3. At this time, we first judge that these files may be hidden. In this case, it mac os x mavericks recovery usb is usually caused by external hard drive poisoning.Let's first use the general method to solve.Open mac os x recover usb drive My Computer, click the "Tools" menu, and then select "Folder Options" from the pop-up menu:

  4. In mac os x recovery boot usb the opened "Folder Options" dialog box, switch to the "View" tab, we then check the "Display the mac os x recovery disk usb contents of the system folder" check box, and then select the following "Show all files and folders" mac os x recovery external drive Single option:

  5. Then select the check box in front of "Hide protected operating system files mac os x recovery hard drive (recommended)", click the "Yes" button from the pop-up dialog box, and then click the "Yes" button to save mac os x recovery mode usb the settings:

  6. Return to the root directory of the external hard drive and we can see that the mac os x recovery partition usb contents of the external hard drive have been displayed, but some files are displayed semi-transparently. mac os x recovery usb drive These are the hidden files:

  Method two use third-party software

  1. If you have used mac os x recovery usb key DiskGenuis software, you should know that this software is really powerful!It is a powerful software for mac os x recovery usb stick hard disk repair or partitioning, but we can also use it to display hidden files and virus files on mac os x recovery usb windows the external hard drive!First, download the free version of DiskGenuis software and open:

  3. After mac os x recovery usb yosemite the software is opened, find your external hard drive, and then click "Browse File" on the right, mac os x sierra recovery usb you should be able to see the following files:

  4. Then, we select the file you want to restore, mac recover deleted files from usb right-click it, and select a copy function:

  5. If you want your external hard drive to no longer be mac recover deleted files usb drive automatically hidden files, it is recommended to delete some files that you think are unsafe.