Taipower SSD Huirong SM2256 solid state external hard drive does not recognize the disk does not recognize the card opening and repair successful tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

31 2021-08-21 08:00

  The thing is that the author picked up a Teclast 120G SSD, of course it is broken, because it looks create recovery usb windows 8 acer very new, so I tried to see if it can be fixed, so I took a look at the main control and particles create recovery usb windows 8 rt to see if there is any rescue.

  It can be seen that the main control is Huirong's SM2256K AB, the create recovery usb yosemite terminal command FLASH is Hynix TLC 16nm, and the BGA132 package page size is 16K.

  I've seen the information before create server 2012 r2 recovery usb that SM2256K is optimized for TLC. Although Hynix's TLC chip has been criticized, I still want to create surface book 2 recovery usb fix it.This bad SSD is not recognized when it is plugged into any computer. This situation is usually create surface pro 3 recovery usb caused by a bad block in a certain FLASH, so after removing the shell, short-circuit the ROM, and create surface pro 4 recovery usb then plug it into the computer to recognize it.Then changed the device name to taidian 120G, and removed create surface recovery usb from mac the sync because the chip does not support synchronization.

  The location of the short circuit create surface recovery usb without surface is shown in the picture above, just use tweezers to make the short circuit.

  Then download and open create symantec system recovery disk usb Huirong's SM2256 SSD card opening tool sm22X MPTool O0811A version

  Click on scan drive to find the create system recovery disk on usb ssd information, of course you have to short it and click.

  Click parameter to enter the setting create system recovery usb win 7 interface, as shown below:

  Just fill in the settings in the above picture. Of course, flash select create system recovery usb windows 10 needs to choose your own flash memory model, don't follow the script, save after setting and click create system recovery usb windows 7 start to start the card opening operation.

  It took about 1 minute to prompt RUN ISP FAIL (50). It create system recovery usb windows 8.1 is known that this is a bug, but it has been successfully completed. After unplugging the power and create system recovery windows 7 usb plugging it back into the computer, everything is normal.

  Let's take a look at the test speed. create toshiba recovery usb windows 10 Although generalization may not be stable, it can still be used for a while. If you are used to solid create toshiba recovery usb windows 7 state, you don't want to use machinery anymore.

  Note that when using the SM2256 card opening tool, create uefi windows 10 recovery usb you can use the adapter card or directly SATA before opening the card. You need to short the ROM two create universal windows 10 recovery usb points first. Sometimes when using SATA, you will be prompted to RUN ISP fail (50). This is actually create usb bootable recovery windows 10 a bug. , In fact, the mass production has been completed, and it will be recognized by re-inserting. create usb drive recovery windows 10 Finally, I wish everyone a successful card opening.