How to fix the files on the external hard drive are invisible[Win11 Solutions]

32 2021-08-21 07:30

  Everyone should have a external drive or mp4, so have you ever encountered a situation where the mac data recovery external hard drive software folder is hidden, that is, for example, there are 10 files in the external drive or mp4, but when you mac deleted file recovery external hard drive plug it into the computer, it only displays 5 files are hidden, and the other 5 are hidden. Don't mac external drive run repair from recovery panic in this situation. Computer Knowledge Network will teach you two tricks to easily restore the mac external hard drive data recovery free hidden files.

  1.On the "Tools" menu of Windows Explorer, click the "Folder Options" command; click mac external hard drive data recovery software the "View" tab;

  2. Under "Hidden files and folders", select the "Show hidden files and folders" mac external hard drive format never recovery radio button; click "OK". This method is the simplest. If you follow the above steps and the file does mac external hard drive not mounting recover not respond, it may be EXPLORER.Caused by exe virus.

  Try the second method mac external hard drive recover deleted files below:

  Start--Run--regedit--HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEsoftwaermicrosoftwindowscurrentversionexploreradvancedfolderhidden, where mac external hard drive recovery software free there are two primary keys nohidden and showall, set the binary key values CheckedValue and DefaultValue mac hard drive data recovery software free under nohidden to 2, and set CheckedValue to 1 and DefaultValue to 2 under showal l;

  Supplement mac hard drive photo recovery on windows to the second method: If it is still useless, delete the CheckedValue key value under the showall mac hard drive recovery external quick drill primary key, and create a new one yourself: right-click-New-Dword value-Name it CheckedValue, and mac hard drive recovery software for pc then modify its key value to 1. , So you can choose "Show all hidden files" and "Show system files".

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