What is GRUB boot detailed graphic introduction and examples [Win11 Solutions]

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  GNU GRUB (referred to as "GRUB") is a multi-operating system startup program from the GNU project. how to recover my documents from hard drive GRUB is an implementation of the multi-boot specification, which allows users to have multiple operating how to recover my external hard disk dat a systems in the computer at the same time, and select the operating system they want to run when how to recover my files from hard drive the computer starts.GRUB can be used to select different kernels on the operating system partition, how to recover my files from usb drive and can also be used to pass startup parameters to these kernels.

  GNU GRUB and GRUB are the how to recover my files in corrupted usb abbreviations of GRand Unified Bootloader, which is a multi-operating system boot manager.Used to boot how to recover my files in formatted usb different systems, such as windows, linux.

  Among the machines with the X86 architecture, GRUB and how to recover my hard drive for free LILO are the most commonly used in Linux, BSD or other Unix-like operating systems, and should be said how to recover my hidden files from usb to be the mainstream.

  Windows also has a similar tool NTLOADER; for example, after we install how to recover my lost files in usb Windows 98 in the machine, we install another Windows XP. When the machine starts, there will be a menu how to recover my passport external hard drive for us to choose whether to enter Windows 98 or Windows XP.NTLOADER is a multi-system boot manager, how to recover my raw data usb drive NTLOADER can also boot Linux, but it is extremely troublesome.

  In the PowerPC architecture machine, how to recover my seagate external hard drive if the Powerpc version of Linux is installed, most of them use the yaboot multi-boot manager. For how to recover my seagate plus external drive example, the Apple machine uses the IBM PowerPC processor, so if you want to install the Macos and how to recover my wd external hard drive Linux Powerpc versions on the Apple machine, most Is to use yaboot to boot multiple operating how to recover office key from hard drive systems.

  Because X86-based machines are still the mainstream, GRUB and LILO are still our most commonly how to recover old files from hard drive used multi-operating system boot managers.2 boot process

  When booting from the hard disk, the BIOS how to recover old hard drive bookmarks favorites usually shifts to the first sector of the first hard disk, which is the master boot record (MBR).

  how to recover old hard drive recycle bin  The process of loading GRUB and operating system includes the following steps: loading records

  The how to recover old pictures from hard drive only thing the basic boot loader does is to load the second boot loader.Load Grub

  This second how to recover old videos from hard drive boot loader actually leads to more advanced functions to allow users to load a specific operating how to recover operating system from hard drive system.Loading system

  Such as linux kernel.GRUB transfers control of the machine to the operating how to recover os from bad hard drive system.

  The difference is that the Microsoft operating system is started using a boot method called how to recover other from the hard drive chain loading. The master boot record simply points to the first sector of the partition where the how to recover outlook files from hard drive operating system is located.Equipment name

  IDE hard disks start with hd, SCSI hard disks start with how to recover outlook mail from hard drive sd.Floppy disk starts with fd.The naming is not the same as linux.Is counting from 0.

  (hd0,0).Represents how to recover overwritten data on hard drive C drive.

  (hd0,4).Represents Disk D.Of course, this refers to (the first logical partition, how to recover overwritten excel files in usb if the D drive is also the primary partition, it should be written as hd0,1)

  The first hard drive how to recover overwritten files external hard drive of the system is expressed as (hd0), and the first partition on it is expressed as (hd0,0), which means how to recover overwritten word document on usb that for hard disks, it is expressed in the form of (hdx, y), x and y are both Counting from 0, x how to recover partition from external hard drive represents the hard disk number, y represents the partition number.

  Since there can only be four how to recover partition of hard drive mac primary partitions, the four primary partitions of the first hard disk are represented by (hd0,0)~(hd0,3); how to recover partition on external hard drive logical partitions start from (hd0,4), that is, the first logical The partition is represented how to recover partition table on usb drive by (hd0,4), the second logical partition is represented by (hd0,5), and so on.

  Generally, the how to recover password for encrypted external hdd hard disk of the machine is a primary partition, and the rest are logical partitions.Therefore, drive how to recover password on windows through usb C is represented by (hd0,0) and drive D is represented by (hd0,4).CD is represented by (cd), and the how to recover pc formatted hard drive mac first floppy drive is represented by (fd0).

  Representation of the file: (,) /path/to/file

  In how to recover permanently deleted data from usb Linux systems, such as ubuntu, y in (hdx,y) is counted from 1.The first logical partition is represented how to recover permanently deleted files from usb by (hd0,5), and the second logical partition is represented by (hd0,6)

  Some users are often how to recover permanently deleted files in usb confused by the usage of the term root filesystem in GRUB.The root file system of GRUB has nothing to how to recover permanently deleted photos from usb do with the root file system of Linux!4 ports

  When the GRUB environment starts to load the second-step how to recover photos after formatting hard drive boot loader, it looks for its own configuration file (menu.lst).When it finds the configuration how to recover photos from a corrupted harddrive file, it uses this configuration file to build a menu list of the operating system to be loaded, and how to recover photos from a formted usb then displays the boot menu interface. If the configuration file is not found, or if the configuration how to recover photos from a hard drive file can't be read, then GRUB will load the command line interface.Menu interface

  On the menu how to recover photos from broken hard drive interface, press the [e] key to edit the command in the highlighted menu item.Press [c] to load a how to recover photos from computer hard drive command line interface. Add (add after the current line (using the [o] key), add before the current how to recover photos from damaged hard drive line (using the [0] key), edit (using the [e] key), delete (using the [d] key).

  After all the changes how to recover photos from dead hard drive are completed, use the [Enter] key to execute these commands and boot the operating system.[Esc] how to recover photos from external hard drive key to give up

  Command line interface

  The following are a few commonly used commands:

  boot-boot how to recover photos from failed hard drive the operating system or chain loader that has been previously specified and loaded.

  chainloader-load how to recover photos from formatted hard drive the specified file as a chain loader.In order to get the file in the first sector of a specified how to recover photos from hard drive crash partition, use +1 as the file name.

  displaymem-Display the current memory usage, this information how to recover photos from hard drive free is based on the BIOS.This command helps to determine how much memory the system has before booting. how to recover photos from laptop hard drive

  initrd-enables users to specify an initial RAM disk that is available at boot time.This is necessary how to recover photos from old hard drive when the kernel needs certain modules in order to fully boot.

  install p-install GRUB to the how to recover photos from partitioned hard drive system's master boot record.This command allows the GRUB interface to appear when the system restarts. how to recover photos from ps3 hard drive

  (Warning: the install command will overwrite other information in the master boot sector.If the how to recover photos from your hard drive command is executed, all information used to boot other operating systems except GRUB information will how to recover photos off a hard drive be lost.Before executing this command, make sure you have a correct understanding of it.)

  kernel-When how to recover photos on a hard drive direct loading is used to boot the operating system, the kernel command specifies that the how to recover photos on hard drive formatted kernel is loaded from GRUB's root file system .

  For example, kernel /mlinuz root=/dev/a5

  Vmlinuz is how to recover picture files from hard drive the kernel.It is loaded from GRUB's root file system, such as (hd0,0).At the same time, the latter how to recover pictures from a usb drive option is passed to the kernel.It points out that when the Linux kernel is loaded, the root file how to recover pictures from broken hard drive system of the kernel should be located at hda5, the fifth partition of the first IDE hard disk.5 how to recover pictures from computer hard drive commands

  color-set the color used in the menu, one as the foreground color and the other as the background how to recover pictures from damaged hard drive color.You can simply use the color name, such as red/black.for example:

  color red/black how to recover pictures from dead hard drive green/blue

  default-the title name of the default project.If the menu interface times out, it will be how to recover pictures from external hard drive loaded.

  fallback-When this command is used, if the first attempt fails, then the title name of this how to recover pictures from failed hard drive item will be used.

  hiddenmenu-When this command is used, it does not display the GRUB menu interface, how to recover pictures from formatted hard drive and loads the default items after the timeout period expires.The user can see the standard GRUB how to recover pictures from hard drive crashed menu by pressing the [Esc] key.

  timeout-This command sets the time interval for loading the items how to recover pictures from laptop hard drive specified by the default command in GRUB, in seconds.

  splashimage-it specifies the location of the how to recover pictures from my hard drive screen image used when GRUB boots.

  title-Set the title of a set of specific commands used to load how to recover pictures from ps3 hard drive an operating system.

  The character # is used to place comments in the menu configuration file.

  This how to recover pictures videos from hard drive is a very basic GRUB menu configuration file for booting Red Hat Linux or Microsoft Windows 2000. how to recover platinum from hard drives platters It might look like this:

  7Linux install wingrub

  When installing the software to the machine, how to recover ppt file on usb mac just press its default installation, and the next step is just fine.

  During the installation process, how to recover product key from hard drive a Base Setup prompt window will appear. ChooseDrive is the storage location of the grub configuration how to recover product keys from hard drive file. You must choose one (usually choose the first one to remind you to pay attention to the how to recover program file on second harddrive title bar of the software. Different choices will be displayed differently. ), if you choose cancel, how to recover programs from a hard drive there will be no menu.lst file is generated (this file is very important), the copy stage files and how to recover ps3 data from hard drive keep old directory below the Base Setup prompt window can be unclicked. The difference between them how to recover quickbooks data from hard drive is that the former puts the files in the grub folder and the menu.lst is placed together in the newly how to recover raid 0 hard drive esxi generated grub folder, and the latter's newly generated grub folder only has menu.lst, if you don't how to recover raw data exernal hard drive click, only menu will be generated.If you click on the grub folder of the lst file, it will be the how to recover raw usb drive using cmd case of copy stage files.Install grub

  An important feature of GRUB is that it does not need to be how to recover recently deleted file in usb attached to an operating system to install it; however, this type of installation requires a copy of how to recover recently deleted files from usb Linux.Due to working alone, GRUB is essentially a miniature system. Through chain boot, it can boot how to recover recently deleted files seagate external all installed mainstream operating systems.

  Unlike LILO, after modifying the GRUB configuration how to recover reformatted external hard drive chromebook file, there is no need to reinstall GRUB into the MBR or a certain partition.

  In Linux, the how to recover samsung data without usb debugging "grub-install" command is used to install step 1 of GRUB into the MBR or partition.GRUB configuration files, how to recover seagate external hard disk dat a step 2 and other files must be installed in an available partition.If these files or partitions are how to recover seagate external hard drive password not available, step 1 will leave the user in the command line interface.

  The file name and location how to recover short cut data from usb of the GRUB configuration file varies from system to system; for example, in Debian and OpenSUSE, how to recover shortcut files in hard drive this file is /boot/grub/menu.lst, and /boot/grub/grub in Fedora and Gentoo.conf.Fedora provides a how to recover something deleted from usb stick link from /etc/grub.conf to /boot/grub/grub.conf symbolic link.

  In addition to the hard disk, GRUB how to recover space on a usb drive can also be installed on removable media such as CDs, floppy disks and flash disks, so that you can how to recover space on usb flash drive bring up a system that can't be booted from the hard disk.Software use

  Open the wingrub program, how to recover ssd drive with a usb select the tools menu, and then click Install grub, a dialog box pops up; as shown in the figure how to recover ssd seagate external hard drive below:

  There are two methods to choose from;

  A) Click Boot From MBR Partion directly, and then click how to recover steam files from external drive the drop-down menu on the right; select which partition to install the Linux system in, and then how to recover steam games external hard drive click the bottom install button.

  In the drop-down list box, if you see (hd0,0) or (hd0,1), etc., how to recover sticky notes from hard drive select (hd0,0); if you only see (hd0,1), it means that the first partition of the computer hard disk how to recover surface 2 with recovery usb is NTFS File format, if you can't see any drop-down list box, use the following method,

  B)Select how to recover surface pro 3 from usb Systerm Device, in the drop-down list box on the right, select C: then select BOOT under BOOT FROM.INI how to recover surface pro 4 from usb radio button, enter mygrub in Title; finally enter 30 in Time OUT;

  Click the Install button, so how to recover the data from hard drive grub is installed.

  The configuration file of grub is in c:grub (if yours is not, you can see from how to recover thunder bolt hard drive dat a the title bar of wingrub), and the configuration file is named menu.lst, this configuration file plays how to recover to a new hard drive a decisive role; so be sure to edit it.

  There are still some differences between A and B. The how to recover tosiba satellite p755 hard drive method of A is that you can see everything in menul after booting.The system in lst; and B, you must how to recover unallocated hard drive space mac click the mygrub you just filled in, and then you can see it in the menu.The system mentioned by lst. how to recover unallocated partition on hard drive

  I personally prefer item B, because the grub installed by A will overwrite the original boot how to recover unallocated space in hard drive program, that is, rewrite the MBR, while B modifies the original boot program and adds a boot item.If you how to recover unallocated space on hard drive want to install two systems, Windows is the primary and Linux is the secondary, then B can be better how to recover unallocated space on usb drive implemented.Of course, when installing Linux, you should also pay attention to the "Configure how to recover uninitialized hard drive on mac advanced boot loader option" in the installer, which is to set the installation location of grub.

  Configure how to recover unsaved word document on usb the startup file

  Run wingrub, click the tools menu in the menu to select Partition List how to recover usb drive corruption doesn't show (partition list), here you can learn about the partition of the hard disk, for example, you may see that how to recover usb drive in windows 10 the FAT32 partition is (hd0, 1), etc., you need to put the Linux CD image file Save it in the fat3 how to recover usb drive not formatted error 2 partition; through this, you can know that the CD ISO is stored in (hdX, Y), and you can also know how to recover usb external hard drive dat a whether the Windows partition corresponding to (hdX, Y) is C, D, or E.

  The process of configuring how to recover usb files from corrupt usb the startup file is as follows:

  1] First find a FAT 32 partition, put the downloaded ISO directly how to recover usb flash drive no medi a under the partition, don't put it in any directory, and don't store other files in this partition.

how to recover usb flash drive not recognized   2] In this partition, create a new folder named linux, and extract vmlinuz and initrd from the first how to recover usb flash drive using cmd Linux system installation ISO file isolinux downloaded.img two files, put them in the linux how to recover usb flash drive without formatting directory: pay attention to only put these two files, do not store other content, if you put other content, how to recover usb history in windows 8.1 the installation program may exit halfway.

  Note: WinRAR software can be used to extract files. how to recover usb that used for ubuntu In addition, the folder name is lowercase when entering the folder;.When lst file name, use half-width how to recover video files from hard drive English, punctuation and the like are all half-width; title root kernel initrd is all lowercase how to recover video from icloud hard drive English; if the folder or file name is entered incorrectly, the installer will prompt that the file how to recover wd elements external hard drive can't be found during installation.Edit menu.lst