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  external hard drive Installation System | Hometown of Radish Win7 System Installation Tutorial recover word documents from hard drive external hard drive Home

  It is not difficult to invent, no matter if the new machine needs to install recover xbox one hard drive save the system, the computer fails to start, it needs to reinstall the system, or the old computer runs recover your data external hard drive too slow and needs to reinstall the system. It is widely used to choose the external hard drive recover your data from hard drive installation system.So how to install the system with a external drive?With the mirror file of the win7 recovered usb data but ononly getting 32-bit system in the hometown of Radish, how to use the external hard drive to install the systemTo recovering a blank usb flash drive this end, the editor wrote this external hard drive installation system | carrot hometown win7 system recovering a broken external hard drive installation tutorial.

  Preliminary preparation

  1.Not less than 4.5G external hard drive.

   recovering a corrupt volume hard drive 2.The suffix to be installed is.GHO mirror file. external hard drive Home

  The editor here uses the recovering a crashed external hard drive hometown of carrots of the Windows home _Ghost_Win7 32-bit July to automatically activate the 2014 recovering a dead laptop hard drive flagship version, and the WIN7 obtained after decompression.GHO image file.More Windows7 system recovering a external ahrd drive freezer downloads

  Pocket external hard drive Professional Edition One-click construction equipment installation recovering a hard drive after formatting

  1.Go to Pocket PE official website to download "Pocket external hard drive Professional Edition recovering a hard drive that won' One-click Construction Equipment", as shown in Figure 1:

  Figure 1 Home of USB

  2.Double-click recovering a helium filled hard drive to open the downloaded installation measures, and the voucher reminds you to install it.

  external recovering abitlocker usb drive without password hard drive boot disk construction process

  1.After the installation is complete → insert the external recovering an external hard drive slow hard drive into the computer USB port → double-click to open the "KouDaiPE.exe" icon, as shown in recovering an internal unrecognized hard drive Figure 2:

  Figure 2 external hard drive Home

  2.If the instruction sequence in the first step of recovering bitcoin from my hard drive the voucher is manipulated, the "Select external hard drive" will add your external hard drive letter recovering chrome bookmarks from hard drive by itself → click the round button named "One-click Build", as shown in Figure 3: Home

  3.Select recovering corrupted external hard disk dat a "OK" on the "Warm Reminder" interface, as shown in Figure 4: Home of external hard drive

  4.After recovering corrupted files from usb photorec confirming, you can see that the external drive is undergoing a nomenclature, as shown in Figure 5: recovering crashed hard drive free download Home of external drives

  5.After the construction is completed, a warm reminder of "One-click recovering data failed hard drive bitlocker construction to start the external drive completed" will be presented, click "Yes", as shown in Figure 6: recovering data from administrator hard drive

  6.WIN7 of the system installation will be held.GHO is selected and copied to the GHO folder of the recovering data from crashed hard drives external hard drive boot disk, (because WIN7.The GHO image file is large, in order to eliminate the recovering data from dead hard drives time, you can operate FastCopy to realize fast data copy) As shown in Figure 7: Home of external recovering data from defective hard drive hard drive

  BIOS configuration external hard drive is the home of the first boot item external hard recovering data from dying hard drive drive

  1.Insert the USB boot disk into the USB port, restart the computer. external hard drive recovering data from erased hard drive Home

  2.Before the computer is turned on, press the DEL key (or other startup hotkeys) to enter the BIOS, recovering data from freezing hard drive and configure the external hard drive as the first startup item.It's usually under the BOOT column, recovering data from hanging hard drive and there are usually USB and external hard drive brands, that's it.

  3.After selecting, press recovering data from hard drive clicking F10 career and exit.(Subject to BIOS interface reminder)

  System installation pace

  1.After the recovering data from hard drive cost configuration is complete → the computer restarts by itself → enter the PE external hard drive installation recovering data from hard drive laptop system equipment startup interface, select the second item "Start Pocket external hard drive recovering data from hard drive linux Window8PE Maintenance System" → press the Enter key, as shown in Figure 8:

  2.Then it will present recovering data from hard drive permissions the startup interface to enter Window8PE, as shown in Figure 9: Home of USB

  3.Wait for a few seconds, recovering data from hard drive platters enter the Window8PE system interface, select the "Pocket Ghost" icon on the desktop, double-click recovering data from hard drive service to open, as shown in Figure 10: Home of external hard drive

  Figure 10 Home of USB

  4.In the new recovering data from hard drive software pop-up interface, all defaults are fine, and click "OK", (if the image file does not have a path, recovering data from hard drive usp you can click "More" to get the path selection) as shown in Figure 11: Home of external hard drive

   recovering data from iphone hard drive 5.In the displayed reminder interface, select "Yes" and immediately use Ghost32 to restore, as shown recovering data from ipod hard drive in Figure 12:

  Figure 12 Home of USB

  6.In the displayed course indicator interface, you can recovering data from seagate external drive clearly understand the completion environment of the automatic restoration operation, as shown in Figure recovering data from smashed hard drive 13:

  Figure 13 Home of USB

  7.After the automatic restoration operation is completed, a message recovering data from unbootable hard drive reminder interface of "Restore has been completed, restart the computer automatically after 10 seconds" recovering data from unreadable hard drive will be displayed. The default is fine, as shown in Figure 14:

  Figure 14 external hard drive recovering data off of broken usb Home

  8.Next, I entered the automatic installation system measures. The editor intercepted several recovering data on usb flash drive typical images for reference, as shown in Figure 15-16:

  9.When the interface shown in Figure 17 is recovering data or reformatted hard drive displayed, the installation of win7 system, the hometown of radish, is completed.

  The above is the recovering data using linux boot usb external hard drive installation system, all the content of the installation tutorial of the win7 recovering deleted documents from hard drives system in the hometown of carrot

  external hard drive Installation System | Hometown of Radish Win7 recovering deleted files remove hard drive System Installation Tutorial: