Easily immune to external hard drive virus a method of antivirus for external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

27 2021-08-21 06:30

  Please refer to the following methods for immunization:

  First step, ,,Format the external hard what size usb for bios crisis recovery drive first

  Second step ,,Put the batch file on the root directory of the external drive

  The what size usb for recovery windows 10 contents of the batch file are as follows:

  md autorunSave the above command as a *,

  md external hard what size usb for windows 10 recovery drive Immunization.",

  Run the bat file to delete autorun.inf folder.Alternative methods for judging what to load from windows recovery usb whether the external hard drive virus has been hit:

  If you do not want to use the above immunization what to recover when hard drive fails program, you can also try the following simple method to determine whether the external drive what us a window recovery usb for you are using is infected with a virus

  Write an autorun by yourself.The format of inf is as where is recovery folder in hard drive follows:Then save a MyDisk in the root directory

  ico icon file.In this way, the icon of the external drive where to buy windows 10 recovery usb becomes the icon file you set.If at any time that icon file disappeared or changed.It means that where to do external drive data recovery the external drive may have been poisoned.Easily immune to external hard drive virus (a method of where to recover data from hard drive anti-virus for external hard drive):