How to solve the problem of Win11 unable to enter the BIOS[Win11 Solutions]

15 2021-08-21 05:50

  Due to the free upgrade of win10, I believe that many people have already upgraded to win10 system, file recovery windows 10 hard drive wont boot and win10 is still different from win7, mainly because there are many new features, resulting in find recovery folder on goflex external hard drive some new problems that have not been encountered before, such as since using win10, bios The problem folders missing from external drive how to recover of inaccessibility, this problem also appears on win8, the reason is actually caused by a problem.

  forensically recover data from bad hard drive cost  Reason: Both win8 and win10 systems use a new feature, that is, the quick start mode. This mode will format and recover files from external hard drives make the computer start much faster than the system before win7, but it will skip the bios part format hard drive data recovery software free download directly, and this part will not be displayed. , It enters the system directly, so it is impossible to format hard drive so no data can recover enter the bios, so it is easy to solve it, that is, turn off the quick start when you need to enter formating a usb for creating a recovery drive the bios, and open the quick start when you don't need it.

  Method 1: When you need to enter the formatted hard drive recovery move to different computer bios, click to restart instead of shutdown. Why can you enter the bios like this? Because the quick formsting a usb drive for windows recovery drive start of win10 is only effective for restarting after the shutdown, and this function is not used for free asus pc recovery windows 7 usb download the restart, so the restart can enter the bios.

  As shown in the figure below, we click to restart free bootable usb to recover a deleted partition after entering the system.

  Method 2: Turn off the quick start function directly.

  We need to find free data recovery from damaged external hard drive the start menu-right mouse button-power management-need a password when waking up-change the currently free data recovery software corrupted external hard drive unavailable settings-cancel the quick start √.

  Just like on the picture, just find them.

  After free data recovery software external hard drive mac you enter the bios and perform the settings you need, it is recommended to turn on the quick start free data recovery software for crashed hard drive after entering the system, so that entering the system will be much faster and can also save free data recovery software for damaged hard drive time.

  Method 3: There is another special method, which is to directly unplug the power cord of the free data recovery software for external hard disk computer. It is suitable for desktop computers. After 10 seconds, plug the power cord back in. At this free data recovery software for external hard drive time, you can enter the BIOS after booting.

  Summary: The win10 system does bring a lot of new free data recovery software for failed hard drive functions, everything is for a better experience, but some function changes, we need to know, so that free data recovery software for usb flash drives when we encounter the above problems, we can solve them as quickly as possible.