external hard drive can not display the solution[Win11 Solutions]

15 2021-08-21 05:40

  The computer has recognized the external hard drive, but you can't see the corresponding drive hp mini 210 recovery usb download letter when you open "My Computer".Enter Disk Management in "Management Tools" (in "Run", enter hp mini bios crisis recovery usb diskmgmt.Enter after msc), you can see the disk, but no drive letter is assigned.Manually assign a drive hp notebook 15 usb recovery tool letter g, but open "My Computer", still no U drive letter appears.Enter g:\ in the address bar, prompting hp notebook recovery disk to usb that the file can't be found.If you format the external drive in Disk Management, you will be hp omen 15 ax033dx usb recovery prompted that it can't be formatted, and the volume is not enabled.If you right-click the newly allocated hp pavilion dv6 bios recovery usb disk g in the disk management and select resource management, it will prompt that g:\ can't be hp pavilion dv6 hard drive recovery found.But under the windows console (command prompt, enter cmd in "Run" and press Enter), you can enter hp pavilion g6 hard drive recovery the external hard drive and operate normally (copy, delete, open files).The strange thing is that hp pavilion hard drive recovery discs you can see the corresponding drive letter when you plug in the mobile hard drive. USB home

  The hp pavilion hard drive recovery disk final solution:

  Go to the system directory C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers to see if there is a "sptd. hp pavilion laptop recovery media usb sys" file.Delete it and restart.problem solved!Note: This "sptd."sys" is not included with Microsoft hp pavilion x360 bios recovery usb Windows.

  Other possible reasons:

  1. There is a mapped network drive in the system, causing the hp phoenix bios crisis recovery usb drive letter to not be assigned to the external hard drive. USB home

  Solution: Disconnect the hp phoenix bios recovery usb format mapped network drive. USB home

  2. The drive letter is hidden. USB home

  Solution: Enter the registry hp phoexix bios recovery usb format (regedit.exe), enter the "HEKY-CURRENT- USER\Software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\policies\explorer" hp recovery cannot from hard drive branch.Find the key value "NOdrives" that exists in the path, and delete it.Log out and log hp recovery discs new hard drive in again.(Not NoDriveTypeAutoRun key value).

  3. There is a problem with the external hard drive.

  hp recovery disk blank hard drive  Solution: reformat the external hard drive.Best low-level formatting, find a external hard drive hp recovery disk different hard drive tool on the Internet. external hard drive Home

  4. If it doesn't work, then the last resort: reinstall hp recovery disk external hard drive windows XP cleanly!

  external hard drive can not display the solution: