EasyBoot v65 Instructions for using the easytostart function of the Udisk bootmaking tool[Win11 Solutions]

16 2021-08-21 05:00

  Start EasyBoot v6.5.2.695 Green Sinicization Free Edition Download URL:

  Latest version: V6.5.2.6 windows 10 recovery disk usb download free 95

  Since 6.5.1.Updates since 669:

  +) Support virtual writable floppy disk image in memory ('vfloppy windows 10 recovery disk usb not working xxx.img')

  *) "Burn" operation displays a prompt message when UltraISO can't be found

  *) Some windows 10 recovery drive external hard drive minor improvements and bug fixes

  1. For the CD-ROM boot menu made in the original version, some windows 10 recovery drive move to usb commands need to be modified to run on the external hard drive. The specific instructions are as windows 10 recovery drive new hard drive follows:

  1) ISO file and IMG/IMA file, CD/external hard drive commands are the same, such as:

  2) Boot windows 10 recovery drive not detecting usb image file (.bif/.bin) to be treated differently

  For bootmgr/setupldr.Files such as bin/grldr, windows 10 recovery drive usb fat 32 CD/external hard drive commands are the same

  For pure CD-ROM boot files (usually 2KB in size), such windows 10 recovery drive usb size needed as w2ksect.bin, vistaldr.bin,winpe.bif,msldr.Bin, etc., there are three solutions, which need to be windows 10 recovery drive usb wont work selected according to the specific situation:

  a) The original file is used for the CD, and the windows 10 recovery from external hard drive boot sector file for the external hard drive (.bsf), such as'run winpe.bsf'

  in.bsf can be made with windows 10 recovery image for usb key UltraISO, including DOS, PE, Win7/Vista, etc.

  b) Run the installation program file directly to windows 10 recovery mode usb backup software ensure that the CD/external hard drive files are consistent

  For example, Vista/Win7 can use'run bootmgr', windows 10 recovery not booting from usb WinPE can use'run setupldr'.bin'

  c) Run the ISO file directly, such as'run winpe.iso'

  3) windows 10 recovery ntfs or fat usb Because'bcdw' does not support external hard drive operation, the original'bcdw' command should be windows 10 recovery to new hard drive changed to'run', and'bcdw:poweroff' needs to be changed to'shutdown'

  2. Start the production of external windows 10 recovery usb 64 bit download hard drive

  Operating environment: UltraISO floppy disk pass v9.5.0.2800 Simplified Chinese windows 10 recovery usb after installing linux perfect registered version cracked version software, download link:

  Then click "Burn" in EasyBoot and windows 10 recovery usb blank blue screen select "Write to external hard drive". Please see the attachment for the specific interface.

  a) windows 10 recovery usb delete my files It is recommended to select "USB-HDD+ v2" for the boot mode, and "USB-ZIP+ v2" for older computers.

  windows 10 recovery usb disk command prompt  b) If you want to prevent viruses from modifying the boot file, you can choose "Create Boot windows 10 recovery usb disk not booting Partition"

  c) If you want to further prevent the partition tool from modifying the boot partition, you can windows 10 recovery usb does not boot choose "deep hiding"

  3. About other new commands

  -'remount' can change the disk after booting, windows 10 recovery usb doesn t work reload the file system

  -'swap' swaps the USB drive with the first hard drive

  -'vfloppy' virtual windows 10 recovery usb download 32 bit disk in memory, use method'vfloppy xxx.img'