ThinkPad E431 for how to remove external hard drive boot to disable BIOS settings[Win11 Solutions]

30 2021-08-21 04:20

  I believe users who have used external hard drive to install the system know that we will enter the windows xp recovery usb free download BIOS settings before using external hard drive to install the system, and set the computer's boot windows xp recovery usb stick download disk to external hard drive to proceed with the next steps of installing the system.But after a friend windows xp recovery usb stick erstellen uses Lenovo's ThinkPad e431 laptop, they will find that after entering the system startup option windows xp sp3 recovery console usb window, they buy a way to find the startup item of the external hard drive. What is going on.Today, windows xp system recovery download usb I will tell you how to disable the BIOS setting of the ThinkPad E431.

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  Step 1: First start the ThinkPad E431 notebook windowss 10 windows usb drive recovery computer, when we see the display flashing the boot screen, immediately press F1 on the keyboard to enter wiped hard drive 3 recovery discs the BIOS settings of the ThinkPad E431 notebook computer, and then use the left and right direction wise data recovery hard drive recovery keys on the keyboard to move the cursor to Enter "Security" to open the menu, then use the up and write recovery to hard drive mac down arrow keys to move the cursor to the "secure boot" option, and press Enter to enter the wyred 4 sound recovery usb reclocker settings.

  Step 2: After we enter the secure boot, continue to use the up and down direction keys on the xbox 1 external hard drive recovery keyboard to move the cursor to the "enabled" option, and then press Enter to open for setting.

  Step xbox 360 hard drive recover dat a 3: After opening the "disable" option, use the arrow keys to select the disabled option up and down xbox 360 hard drive recovery tool and press Enter to save.

  Step 4: After saving, continue to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to xbox external hard drive partition recovery move the cursor to the "Star Up" menu, then change the setting of the "UEFI/Legacy Boot" option, xbox one external hard drive recovery change the setting to "both" and press Enter to confirm the save.

  Step 5: Then we change the "UEFI/Legacy xbox usb recovery does not work Boot Priority" option, press Enter to select this item, we will select the option "legacy first" xiaomi data recovery without usb debugging in the pop-up window, and press Enter to save.

  Step 6: After completing the settings of the above xp crash hard drive file recovery 4 steps, we can see that the bracket content behind the UEFI/Legacy Boot Priority item has become xps 13 9370 usb recovery size legacy first. At this time, we can restart the computer to start the external hard drive boot disk. xps 13 recovery drive usb creation Set.