How to cancel Win11 boot password Various methods are available[Win11 Solutions]

17 2021-08-21 03:30

  Windows 8 was developed by Microsoft. Its unique metro start interface and touch-sensitive interactive best recovery software for external hard drive free system are designed to make people's daily computer operations easier and faster, and provide best recovery software for formatted external hard drive people with an efficient and easy-to-use working environment.Used on personal computers and tablets.The best recovery tool for old hard drive dat a system has better battery life, faster startup speed, less memory usage, and compatibility with best recovery tool for toshiba external hard drive software and hardware supported by Windows 7.Every time the computer is turned on, it shows that it best software recover damaged files from hard drive can only be used after entering the power-on password, which can not help but feel troublesome.If there best software to recover corrupted files from external is no personal privacy and no important information on the computer, then the password can be best software to recover files from hard drive cancelled.So how to cancel the power-on password of WIN8 system.

  Enter Win8.1Traditional desktop best software to recover formatted external hard drive interface, and then use the Win + Q combination shortcut key to open the Win8 function search

  Enter best software to recover hard drive data imac "netplwiz" in the search box, and then you can find the user account management settings entry

  Enter best usb flash drive recovery software site Win8.1 After the user account management interface, we switch to the "Users" tab, and then remove best way to recover data from hard drive the default check mark in front of "To use this computer, the user must enter the user name and best way to recover external hhd with ubuntu password", after finishing, click OK at the bottom.

  A dialog box for setting automatic login will pop best western digital external hard drive recovery software up, here just enter the computer login user name and password, and click "OK" at the bottom after bitlocker password recovery external hard drive microsoft account completion.

  After the above steps are completed, you can set up Win8.1 After booting up, it will bitlocker recovery now hard drive not showing up automatically log in, and enter the password again without speech, and then automatically enter the system bitlocker save recovery key to usb greyed out interface, so that the purpose of canceling the power-on password is achieved.

  Method 2: Use black screen asus vivobook usb recovery won't work general PE tools

  PE has been developed for many years since its appearance, and it is no longer as boot cd to recover files from hard drive simple as subdividing districts and ghosts.Take the PE that I recommend and use now as an example. It boot from dell windows 10 usb recovery drive comes with Win8 kernel and N multi-tools, including Windows password modification tool.!Let's start boot from device on usb recovery mode android with the installation, the download is an exe file

  Run the Windows password modification tool on boot from live ubuntu usb to recover dat a the desktop

  Click the open button, you can read the user's life on the machine, click the user name boot from usb recovery environment with usb drivers that needs to be modified, click "change password", and enter the new password.

  After editing, boot from usb to recover files windows 7 click "Save Changes" to be successful.Sometimes when you click Open and those user names do not appear, boot hard drive is damaged how to recover you have to find the SAM file step by step according to the path.

  Enter in the WIN8 search box: boot mac in recovery mode with usb drive gpedit.msc

  Find Computer-Management Template-Control Panel-"Do not show lock screen" under boot mac in recovery mode with usb keyboard Personalization.

  Right-click "Do not show lock screen", select "Edit", and select "Enabled" in the pop-up boot recovered mac hard drive in virtual machine window.

  At this point, we will get rid of the lock screen, and you will be able to directly enter boot the pc to the usb recovery drive the system without lock screen after booting.!

  Method 4: Modify the registry

  Open the search, boot up from usb recovery drive windows 10 enter regedit and then right-click to open it with "Administrator Privileges"

  Prompt the following boot windows 10 from usb recovery drive error information, click "Yes".

  Find the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE | SOFTWARE | Policies | boot windows 7 from usb easy recovery essentials Microsoft | Windows .

  Create a new "item" in the Windows folder.Name: Personalization.

  Under the bootable image in a windows 10 recovery usb Personalization item, create a new DWORD (32-bit) value named: NoLockScreen.

  Change the NoLockScreen bootable usb recovery drive not recognized in bios value to 1 (double-click to modify).

  At this point, the registry modification is complete.Restart booting computer from recovery usb windows 10 loop the computer after the registry modification is completed, so there is no need to enter the power-on booting from a windows 10 usb recovery drive password.

  Method 5: Use the old Maotao to start the external drive to clear the system power-on bounceback emergency restart from usb backup recovery device password

  Prepare a prepared USB boot disk, and then insert the external drive into the USB port of broken hard drive data recovery service in house the computer. When the boot screen is displayed, press the shortcut key to enter the main menu broken screen data recovery without usb debugging locked interface of Lao Maotao, and then move the cursor to "【09 】Run the Windows login password cracking menu" broken screen phone data recovery without usb debugging and press Enter

  Move the cursor to select "[01] Clear Windows login password (modify password)", build bootable usb drive from windows recovery directory then press Enter

  When you press the enter key, the related option interface of the windows login build ubuntu on micro usb card with recovery password cleaning will appear. At this time, we enter the serial number "1" in the "select input serial burn recovery msi won't let me choose usb number", and then press the enter key

  Next, on the page of the logical drive list that appears, ca ch s du ng usb recovery driver we enter the serial number "0", 0 is the system partition on the editor computer.Press Enter to cab a non spinning hard drive be recovered confirm

  At this time, the file sam in this partition will be automatically searched. The search time cable to recover data bad external hard drive is about a few seconds. After prompting that the "sam" file has been searched, we press Enter to can a corrupted external hard drive be recovered continue!

  What is listed at this time is all the account information of this computer recorded in this can a dead external hard drive be recovered file.We are looking for accounts that require a clear login password. Generally speaking, "administrator" can a formatted external hard drive be recovered users are commonly used computer accounts on our computers.Then we enter the corresponding can a hard drive be recovered after formatting serial number 0, and then press the enter key.The picture below shows the interface of related options can a recovery drive be a hard drive by pressing the Enter key after connecting to the picture above

  When this screen appears, we only can a repartitioned hard drive be recovered mac need to press the "Y" key to clear the password of the current user login!After the prompt is clear, can a water damaged hard drive be recovered you can directly restart the computer.

  After the above operations, Lao Maotao cleared the system can a windows usb recovery drive be cloned login password after booting the external hard drive, and the computer can be used normally without can an erased mac hard drive be recovered entering the password.

  Turn on the computer, move the mouse pointer to the right side of the can best buy recover files off hard drive screen, find the setting function and click.

  Select "Change computer settings" in the setting function can data be recovered from a bad harddrive interface.

  At this time, you enter the computer settings interface, find "change password", click can data be recovered from a crashed harddrive to enter the change interface.

  At this time, you need to enter your original password, and click can data be recovered from a hard drive "Next" after entering.

  In this interface, if you want to change the password, enter the new password, can data be recovered from a nuked harddrive and then the next step, if you want to cancel the password, just click next.

  Click Finish in can data be recovered from damaged hard drive the next interface to set up successfully, next time you can use the new password.

  Well, the above can data be recovered from formatted hard drive is my summary of the method to cancel the power-on password for WIN8 system.Those who find it can data be recovered from smashed hard drives troublesome to enter the password can refer to the above method to cancel the system power-on password.