The easiest way to install Win11 under winPEsolve the problem of not being able to open setup directlyexe problem[Win11 Solutions]

31 2021-08-21 02:40

  Since the release of Windows7, more and more friends are preparing to install this system.In addition hp recovery manager new hard drive to the installation methods such as upgrade installation and CD installation, many friends are hp recovery manager save to usb asking how to install under Winpe, because Windows 7 setup can't be opened directly under Winpe.exe, hp recovery manager usb flash drive it can't be installed after decompressing the compressed package, so how to install the system under hp recovery manager usb windows 10 Winpe which everyone is used to?

  Step 1: Make winpe3.1 Start the external drive

  Like the famous hp recovery manager usb windows 8 old Maotao Winpe, etc., they are all made based on the core of XP or server2003, which is a bit out hp recovery manager windows 10 usb of date in the Windows7 era.Now we need a Winpeexternal hard drive based on Windows7 core.First hp recovery manager windows 7 usb search, download a winpe3 from the Internet.1 ISO image, then open UltraISO and write to external hard hp recovery manager windows 8 usb drive in hdd+ mode.

  ●Making Winpe3.0Start the external hard drive, select HDD+ mode when writing

  hp recovery manager windows 8.1 usb  Step 2: Install the virtual CD-ROM drive in Winpe

  Since Windows 7 now supports virtual CD-ROM hp recovery manager with external monitor installation, in Winpe, we don't need to decompress, we can install it directly by opening the CD-ROM hp recovery media creation usb drive image of Windows 7 in the virtual CD-ROM drive, which is the same as in XP.Click on the start menu, hp recovery media usb windows 10 select Winmount to unzip and install, continue to the next step to complete.

  Step 3: Install Windows hp recovery on new hard drive 7 in the virtual CD-ROM drive

  After installing Winmount, click on the software to open, select " hp recovery to new hard drive Mount file" to open the ISO image of Windows7, and then directly select to open in the main interface, hp recovery tool usb windows 10 and you can install directly by clicking on setup, without the need for complex virtual drive hp recovery usb download windows 10 settings.

  ●Read Windows7ISO image in Winmount

  Supporting virtual CD-ROM installation is a major hp recovery usb drive windows 10 feature of Windows 7. The biggest difference in Windows 7 installation is that we can directly use the hp recovery usb drive windows 7 virtual CD-ROM to install in XP, VISTA or even winpe.Today, when the optical drive has been gradually hp recovery usb stick windows 8 eliminated, it is a very big progress. Not only does it not need to burn the installation CD, but hp recovery usb windows 10 download it does not even need to start the external hard drive. It is also very convenient for ordinary hp recovery usb windows 10 size users.

  ●Install Windows7 directly