Yincan IS903 main control and MLC flash memory do external hard drive welding and mass production experience[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-21 02:30

  Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer external hard drives for MLC flash memory, so someone sells MLC best usb hard drive recovery software flash memory and the corresponding USB3 in a treasure.0 main control board, we can make a relatively best usb recovery software actually free high-speed external drive after mass production after welding. Here we introduce the is903 Yincan best usb recovery software free download main control board welding MLC flash memory and the successful experience of mass production.

  For best usb stick data recovery software MLC's flash memory, it is compatible with IS903's usb3.The main control of 0 can basically exert the best usb thumbdrive for chrome recovery performance of the external hard drive, and the read and write speed can maintain a relatively good best windows 7 external recover drive speed, and this main control is also convenient for mass production, and there are more mass best windows hard drive recovery software production tools. The experience is introduced below:

  1. Welding experience:

  1. Granular low temperature best windows password recovery tool usb tin, temperature 280°, wind speed 20

  2. The arrow of the particle points to the end, and the bet hard drive recover sofware reddit board is wrapped with gold fingers

  2. Mass production experience:

  0. Open the mass production tool, bios does not detect recovery usb press "F9", clear it, and reinsert the external hard drive.

  1. Use tweezers to short-circuit the bios recovery 2 from hard drive main control, plug in the computer and release it

  2. Re-open the Yincan IS903 main control mass bios recovery usb flash crisis disk production tool. When opening the mass production tool, do not open the "chip " at the same time.

   bios recovery usb flash drive hp 3. Search for the device, first look at the ID, the "N" below to ensure that the channel is bitlocker password recovery external hard drive consistent.

  4. Mass production setting, editing, password "IS0024"

  The parameters are as follows:

  5. bitlocker recovery key for hard drive Select to start mass production and reinsert the external hard drive after completion.

  1. The particle bitlocker recovery key new hard drive welding direction is wrong, the arrow should be towards the end;

  2. If there is a drive letter, bleaching a hard drive and recovery the mass production tool can't find the device, and the main control is short-circuited to solve blu flash recovery from external memory it;

  3. The mass production tool is incorrect, and the error code "150" is displayed. Download the books on hard drive data recovery V112 version to solve it;

  4. Using the V112 version, the error code "74" appears, unplug the external boot block recovery from usb storage hard drive, re-insert it, and display the normal capacity.

  Screenshot of the chip detection after boot chromebook recovery usb on mac mass production:

  It can be seen that it is a 16G mlc flash memory, which is very good. The reading boot from hard drive after recovery and writing speed is measured below

  You can see usb3.Reading reaches 199M/S under 0, writing 4 boot from recovery usb black screen 5M/S, which is very good.

  At this point, the external drive has been made successfully.