DesktopDetailed introduction of exe external hard drive virus[Win11 Solutions]

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  Desktop.Detailed introduction of exe external hard drive virus

  1. Found that there is wuauserv make windows 10 recovery disk not usb in the process.exe process

  If there is this process, it means that your computer is poisoned, and make windows 10 recovery usb after crash the way it behaves is that the hidden files and folders in the computer can't be displayed.Even if make windows 10 recovery usb from iso "Show all files and folders" is selected in the folder options, it will automatically change back after make windows 10 recovery usb on mac confirming.And after being infected with a virus, there will be a desktop in the external hard make windows 7 recovery usb on mac drive.exe virus file, there is a folder.exe file, there may be desktop2.exe, are hidden, some are also make windows 8 usb recovery usb bootable disguised as files protected by the system.SVCHOST will be generated after infecting the computer.EXE make windows 8.1 recovery usbfor another pc virus parent.

  The method to delete it manually is as follows:

  1.Open the task manager, put the make windows recovery usb for any pc virus process wuauserv.exe off (this process can also be started by a virus in safe mode).

  2.Open make windows recovery usb on a mac the registry editor (enter regedit in Start->Run), making a recovery usb for asus notebook find

  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden\SHOWALL], change the key value of "CheckedValue" making a recovery usb for windows 10 to 1, the type is dword.

  Modify the registry to solve the problem of "Do not display system files making a recovery usb for windows 7 and hidden files".

  Then find [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon], making a windows 7 recovery disk usb and change the key value of the "Userinit" key to "userinit.exe," (with comma).

  3.Then open malva style usb repair download for pc "Folder Options" -> "View", uncheck "Hide protected operating system files", select "Show all files manual recovery of external hard drive files and folders", and confirm.

  4.Enter c:\windows\system32\ directory, sort by file type, find micro sd data recovery usb cord forum wuauserv.exe file, delete.At the bottom of the directory, you will find two registry files, Boothide.reg microsoft recover data from external hard drive and bootrun.reg, delete them (don't care about the warning that pops up).

  5.The last step needs to microsoft recovery usb drive different hard drive delete a svchost.EXE.First open the task manager, you can see there are multiple SVCHOST.EXE process, microsoft recovery usb drive new hard drive most of them are all uppercase letters, one of which is svchost written in lowercase.exe, this is microsoft recovery usb drive or media creator the virus process.If you are using the XP SP2 system, right-click on the process and select "Open microsoft surface 32gb windows rt recovery usb Directory" to open the directory where the process is located, which is in the c:\windows\system32\svchost\ microsoft surface pro 3 usb recovery drive directory.First put this lowercase svchost.Stop the exe process, then delete the entire microsoft surface pro 4 usb recovery drive directory, and it will be OK.

  (If it is in the system32 folder, it is a normal file, if it is in the microsoft windows 10 surface usb recovery drive above folder, it is a virus.)

  6.After restarting, enter the system, open the task manager and find minimum disk space for usb recovery drive that the virus process is gone.The folder option has not been changed, and the virus file view is minitool 6 8 recover hard drive dat a gone.At this point, you can finally display hidden files at will.

  7.The poisoned external drive will minitool partition wizard mac hard drive recovery have a desktop.The exe virus file has a folder.exe file, some also have desktop2.The exe file can minitool power data recovery undetected hard drive only be seen when the protected system file is displayed. There will be a warning when it is deleted, moto z play recovery mode usb enable so don't worry about it.There are other hidden files such as autorun.inf, regardless of him, deleted.Don't mount disk windows 10 cmd recovery usb forget to plug in your external drive when deleting the virus in your computer, clear the mount internal harddrive through windows recovery usb virus, and format it if you think it's troublesome.When using a external drive in someone else's computer, move dell recovery partition new hard drive first make sure whether there is wuauserv in the process of that computer.exe, lest you get hit move files to a usb from recovery again. external hard drive Home

  2. Analysis of virus infection protection mechanism

  1.Try to move recovery dvd image to hard drive delete c:\windows\system32\svchost\svchost with IceSworld.exe file, found that the file can be regenerated move recovery partition to usb windows 10 after a while after deletion.

  2.Use process Monitor 1.0 Monitoring path content contains move recovery partition to usb windows 8.1 svchost.exe registry/file/process activity found in svchost.When the exe is deleted, the system will move windows 8 recovery partition to usb automatically add the desktop under the external hard drive.exe process, desktop.After exe activity, move windows recovery to usb windows central svchost will be re-created and generated.exe virus file.Visible desktop.exe is to protect svchost.Behind mrchromebook please install a recovery usb stick the scenes of the exe virus!Even more cunning is the desktop.exe is generating svchost.After the msi ge72 apache pro recovery usb download exe virus file is automatically closed, it is difficult to detect.

  3.Use IceSworld to view the hidden multiple recovery discs on aexternal hard drive files under the external hard drive, and find that there is not only a desktop under the external multiple usb sticks for windows recovery disk hard drive.exe, and folder.exe, desktop2.exe, autorun.Inf file delete these files under external music recovery app for android no usb hard drive.Then delete c:\windows\system32\svchost\svchost.exe file, svchost.The exe virus file is not my book live recovery data usb at a regenerated.

  4.wuauserv.The exe process will also start in safe mode, wuauserv.When the exe process my chromebook doesn't work with recovery usb is active, if svchost.The exe virus file is not cleared, even if the external hard drive is my external hardrive become a recover disk formatted, it will not help: maybe wuauserv.exe and svchost.The exe file can in turn generate the virus my harddrive doesn't detect my recovery hp file under the external hard drive. external hard drive Home

  5.Process Monitor monitoring can find my passport external hard drive data recovery the following additions/changes to the registry, just change it back according to the following my usb broken how to recover dat a method:

  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden\ my usb recovery does not show up SHOWALL], change the key value of "CheckedValue" to 1, the type is n4010 system recovery disc or usb key word.

  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon], change the key value of "Userinit" to "userinit.exe," need a windows 10 recovery usb hp (with comma).

  Desktop.Detailed introduction of exe external hard drive virus: