How to enter BIOS in Win11[Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-21 01:40

  The win10 system has surpassed win7 to become the system with the largest number of users at present. what size usb drive recovery disk windows 10 Everyone is quite satisfied with the win10 system. It fully considers the user's habits, such as what size usb for hp bios crisis recovery the method of entering the BIOS. You can enter the BIOS with a few simple operations. The user what size usb for windows 10 recovery drive provides convenience

  But when there are some problems with the computer, some friends check the tutorial what to recover from hard drive and hoe and say that they need to enter the BIOS settings, but they have found many ways to enter the whats in a usb wins 10 recover drive BIOS.In this regard, I have compiled two ways for you to enter the BIOS when the win10 system is turned when making google chrome recovery the usb damages on and off. I hope to help you

  Win10 enter the BIOS tutorial

  Method 1: Enter the BIOS interface where is the mac hard drive recovery tool when win10 is turned on

  1. Win+i shortcut key to open the settings window, select update and where to download hp recovery image usb boot security

  2. Select Recovery and click the Restart Now button under Advanced Startup

  3. Restart to where to get external hard drive data recovery enter this interface, select troubleshooting

  4. Choose advanced options

  5. Select the UEFI firmware where to recover an external hard drive dat a settings, if there is no option, select the startup settings to restart the computer

  6. After where to recovery external hard drive los angeles clicking Restart, you can enter the BIOS interface

  Method 2: Enter the BIOS interface in the shutdown where to send hard drive for data recovery state

  1. First check the startup hotkey of your computer brand to enter the BIOS interface, usually which files to recover when changing hard drives F2, del, F12 keys, you can also see the startup hotkey on the computer startup brand logo which files to recover when hard drive fails interface.Then press the boot button and quickly hit the boot hotkey.

  2. The BIOS interface just why can't i create recovery drive on usb appears

  Win10 enters the BIOS picture-8

  The above is the detailed graphic tutorial of win10 to enter the why can't recovery software access corrupt hard drive BIOS. If you have learned it, please try it out.