When will the mass production tool of SM3259AA be released [Win11 Solutions]

30 2021-08-21 01:20

  I bought a external drive but it is controlled by SM3259AA, but I haven't found a tool that can be corrupted external hard drive mac data recovery mass-produced after looking for it for a long time.

  The test results of the chipgenius tool are corrupted external hard drive recovery software free as follows:

  Logical drive letter: F: Capacity of this partition: 0.0G

  Device ID: VID=090C PID=325 cost for dead hard drive data recovery 9

  devise serial number:

  Device version: 1000

  Equipment manufacturer: SMI

  Device model: USB cost of data recovery external hard drive MEMORY BAR

  Current protocol: USB2.0

  Input current: 500mA

  Partition system: Whether to activate: cost of file recovery from hard drive

  Whether to align: not aligned, it is recommended that you align sectors to improve performance

   cost to recover damaged hard drive dat aChip manufacturer: Hui Rong (SMI)

  Chip model: SM3259AA

  Flash memory particles: Toshiba (Toshiba) could an overwritten hard drive be recovered Flash memory type: MLC Channel: Single channel flash memory total: 8G

  Flash memory identification crashed external hard drive data recovery software code: 98DE9493 Flash model: TC58TEG6DDJTA00 (this value is for reference only)

  external hard drive crashed external hard drive data recovery tool score: 38 points (reference score>=30, the larger the score, the better the performance!)

  Firmware crashed hard drive data recovery software free version: ISP NONE

  The results of the worry-free chip detection are as follows:

  Disassemble the crashed hard drive recovery oklahoma city ok main control in the external hard drive as shown below:

  It is indeed the real SM3259Q AA master, crashed hard drive recovery software free download so the question is, is there a mass production tool.

  There is no mass production tool for SM3259AA crear un recovery drive usb en aleman yet, but according to the previous release experience of Huirong master control, sm3259 will be create a bios recovery usb flash drive released soon. If your external drive is still okay and you just want to mass produce it, you can only create a blank windows 10 recovery usb do it again. Waiting, if you are the main control external hard drive and it is broken, you can use create a bootable recovery usb windows 10 the Huirong format repair tool to repair it first.

  The mass production tool of SM3259AA has been create a bootable usb drive data recovery released, please move here!!!