How to set up USB boot on ASUS motherboard[Win11 Solutions]

16 2021-08-21 00:50

  The motherboard is also called the motherboard and the system board. It is the most basic and one recovering files from a dead laptop using bootable usb of the most important components of a computer.The installation of the computer system is carried out recovering files from a hard drive thats been formated by setting the motherboard.There are many motherboard brands, such as: Gigabyte, Asus, MSI, Colorful, recovering files from a hard drive that's been formatted Biostar, Onda, Soyo, ASRock, Maxsun, Panzheng, Sapphire, Yeston, ASL ASL.Today we will talk about recovering files from external drive that won't be recognized the ASUS motherboard settings, and introduce the ASUS motherboard external hard drive boot settings recovering files from hard drive that won t boot in detail.

  One, ASUS p8h61 motherboard external hard drive boot settings

  ASUS computer motherboards recovering files that have been overwritten on a usb generally press Del or ESC key F2 to enter the BIOS, here is the Del key as an example.

  After recovering files to same external hard drive after formatting entering the BIOS interface, the first interface is Main.

  Because it is a BIOS and you can't use recovering from a dead hard drive hp pavilion laptop a mouse, use the left and right arrow keys to move the cursor to the Advanced item. This item is an recovering hard drive sata ide usb 3.0 not comoatibale advanced BIOS setting item. Here are some main setting items:

  ①start easy flash: This is a very recovering lost files on force eject hard drive mac important and dangerous item. If you use bios, you should not touch it unless you are a master;

  ②play recovering photos from phone screen broken no usb access post sound: Whether to allow music items to appear when booting up;

  ③fancy start: Customize the recovering photos from phone screen broken no usb debugging boot background and music, which is set with ASUS's own software;

  ④Post logo type: set the style recovering the notebook bios using an external storage device of the boot logo;

  ⑤Internal pointing device: about controlling the support options for usb recovering the system after the hard drive is replaced devices;

  ⑥sata configuration: This is the use mode of controlling the hard disk.Is achi mode or ide, press recovering to dissimilar hardware with a smaller hard drive Enter to enter this option.

  After entering the interface, in the SATA Mode Selection item, press recovering unallocated space of a usb flash drive mac Enter to enter and select AHCI and IDE. If you use PE to install the system and no hard disk is recovering unallocated space of a usb flash drive ubuntu found, you must select IDE.

  In the main interface, move the cursor to the Boot item, this item is the recovering your old files form you lyve hard drive item for setting the startup, and it is also the item for most people to set the external hard drive recovering zenfone 2 with broken screen no usb debug or CD-ROM and the hard disk to start.After entering the Hard Drive BBS Priorities item setting and recovers lost data raid photos ipods firewire or usb returning, then on the Boot Option # item in this interface, select the drive you want to start.

   recovery data from external hard drive en phoenix az After entering, the hard disk startup item will be displayed. My computer has two options, one is: recovery data fron pc hard drive in clearwater fl PO:ST9S.This is my hard disk, the other is: Netac, this is my Netac external hard drive.Note that you recovery disks are on cd and i need usb must first plug in the external hard drive to display.If you want to set the external hard drive to recovery drive coppyed files from a dead hard drive boot, press Enter in the Boot Option #1 item, select Netac as the first boot, and then press Enter. recovery en hard drive asus windows 7 professional х64 Of course, you must press F10 to save at the end, so that it will take effect. After automatically recovery en hard drive asus windows 7 professional 褏64 exiting the BIOS, Will boot from the external drive.

  The item "Secunity" in the main interface means recovery lost data raid photos ipods firewire or usb a security option, which mainly sets the BIOS password. If it is a personal computer, there is no recovery manager cannot run from the hard drive hp need to set a password.

  ①Setup Administrator Password is the administrator password;

  ②User recovery media tool failing to to install on usb Password is the user password setting.

  First insert the external hard drive into the computer, and then recovery method of erl's usb flash drive using windows press the DEL key on the keyboard when the first screen of the startup information interface appears recovery mode mac book bro not in external monitir when the boot is turned on, and directly enter the BIOS:

  After entering, press the right arrow recovery partition on usb how to make it bootable key on the keyboard to find the "Advanced" option, the bottom item is "USB Configuration", use the recovery partition to install os on new hard drive up and down arrow keys to select it, and press Enter to enter:

  After entering "USB Configuration", recovery partition warning this area of your hard drive change all items to "Enabled", press the up and down arrow keys to select and press Enter to change recovery tool on your installation media disc or usb from "Disabled" to "Enabled":

  After setting, press the ESC key on the keyboard to return to the recovery tools how large how large a usb needed previous setting interface.Press the left and right direction keys again to select the "BOOT" main menu, recovery usb drive not recognized in bios windows 8 select the first item "Boot Devicepriority" and press Enter to enter:

  In the "Boot Devicepriority" recovery usb flash for acer iconia w510 windows 8 setting interface, select the first item "1st Boot Device" and press Enter.Then select the first recovery usb stick windows 7 64 bit download android item "Removable" (mobile device) in the pop-up "1st Boot Device" option:

  Press the ESC cancel key recovery usb windows 8 1 site www microsoft com to return to the previous setting interface, press the up and down direction keys, select the recovery usb with efi and sources folders and reagent.xml "Removeable Drives" item in the second line, and press Enter to enter:

  After entering the option interface, recovery usb with system files in windows 10 pro there will be at least two items, one of which is the external drive just inserted, press the recoverying a word document save from flashdrive to harddrive plus sign + on the keyboard to put it on top:

  Just press the F10 key on the keyboard to save the reformat a hard drive and it cannot be recovered settings and exit, you can start from the external hard drive in a while:

  Three, desktop ASUS motherboard reformat windows 8.1 laptop to my windows recovery usb settings external hard drive boot

  The shortcut hotkey for the one-click booting of the external reliable way to recover data on portable hard drive drive for desktop computers assembled with ASUS motherboards is: F8

  Insert the external drive remove frp for android 6 0 thru usb recovery that has been made with the USB boot disk creation tool into the USB port of the host computer (it remove recovery drive from local hard drive windows 10 is recommended to insert the external drive into the USB socket at the back of the host box, because remove write protection from hp usb recovery flash drive the transmission performance is more direct than the front one) , Then power on!

  After turning on removing housing of external hard drive to recover dat a the computer, when you see the boot screen, press the "F8" key on the keyboard continuously, as shown repair dell inspiron 5765 using created dell recovery usb in the following figure: The boot screen of the computer assembled for the ASUS motherboard.

  When reset a hard drive from recovery partition windows 10 we press the shortcut hotkey F8 continuously, we will enter a window for selecting the startup items reset admin password on windows 10 with recover usb in sequence, usually there are three or four options: 1.CD-ROM boot; 2.Floppy drive start; 3.Hard restore windows from recovery partition to new hard drive disk boot; 4.USB boot is also boot from external hard drive!

  The order of arrangement is not restoring lenovo x201 using recovery on usb flash drive fixed!

  The default option selected by the cursor after entering is the first "CD-ROM drive startup". retrieve deleted files from usb drive without recovery software Everyone's CD-ROM drive may be different, so the displayed CD-ROM ID is different, anyway, the meaning retrieve file external hard drive temporarily saved on computer is the same.!

  Move the cursor to the selected place and display "USB: Gener ic Flash Disk". When retrieve files from external ssd drive to internal hdd we press the fast hot key F8, the displayed options include the external drive made by the editor retrieve files from usb stick not recognized on mac with u to start the boot disk.

  After selecting, just press the Enter key "Enter" to enter the u start retrieving corrupted files from usb using cmd command prompt main interface!

  Four, ASUS B85-PRO motherboard one-key external hard drive boot settings

  Prepare run first aid from recovery external hard drive mac a made u deep external hard drive boot disk, connect it to the computer USB port, then restart run first aid from recovery for external hard drive the computer, press the boot shortcut key F8 when the boot screen appears on the screen

  The system run first aid from recovery mac external hard drive then enters the startup item selection interface, move the arrow keys to operate, and select the run first aid from recovery mojave external hard drive option where the external hard drive is located. It should be noted here that there will be two external run first aid from recovery on external hard drive hard drive options. If you use the external hard drive made by the u deep installation version, safe365 external hard drive data recovery wizard license key please choose no UEFI. Option, if you use the external hard drive made with u Deepin UEFI version, you samsung recovery not showing usb or sd card option can directly select the option beginning with UEFI

  If you select the installed version, the system samsung recovery software for note 5 with usb disabled will enter the u Deepin main menu, if you select UEFI boot, you will directly enter the u Deepin samsung s7 data recovery black screen no usb debuggin win8PE system

  Five, ASUS A55 motherboard settings external hard drive boot

  Make the external hard samsung s7 usb debugging off broken screen data recovery drive into a boot disk, then insert the USB port of the ASUS A55 motherboard desktop or notebook, san diego usb hard drive disk data recovery californi a turn on the power of the computer, and press the DEL key to enter the BIOS setting.

  After entering save bitlocker recovery key to usb for multiple computers the BIOS, directly press the F8 button on the keyboard, and the option interface of the boot menu save recovered files to backup hard drive system files appears

  Select your external hard drive brand, press Enter to enter the PE system interface of booting scan a recovery hard drive for windows activation keys the external hard drive.

  Make the USB boot disk, and then copy the downloaded ASUS system iso seagatd hard drive lost all my file and retrieve file directly to the GHO directory of the external drive

  Insert the external drive into the ASUS seagate external hard disk data recovery software free download motherboard computer, press F8 (desktop) or Esc (notebook) shortcut key to open the boot menu after seagate external hard drive data recovery software free download restarting, select the external drive item and press Enter. If it is a pre-installed win8/win10 model, seagate external hard drive no files can be recovered you need to change the bios. USB boot

  Boot from the external hard drive to enter this main menu, set up one key recovery after cloning hard drive press number 2 or press the up and down direction keys to select [02] and enter to start the pe setup your os then make a recovery usb drive system;

  In this way, the settings are set up after booting from the external hard drive.

  Seven, ASUS should the dell recovery be copied in empty usb h61 motherboard external hard drive boot

  Insert the prepared external hard drive boot disk into should you buy data recovery insurance for external harddrive the computer USB port.Press the computer power-on button, and before the computer enters the system, silicon power recovery tool of innostor usb flash drive press the DEL key to enter the BIOS setting interface, which is the EFI graphics configuration menu software imager to recover failing hard drive windows 7 (note: this process takes a very short time, try to press the DEL key as soon as you press the power-on software to recover data from bad external hard drive button)

  Click "Start Menu (F8)" at the bottom right corner of the interface

  Find and use the software to recover data from corrupted external hard drive mouse to move to the item representing your external hard drive brand in the "boot menu" that appears, software to recover data from damaged external hard disk and click

  Then the computer automatically restarts and enters the PE function selection software to recover data from damaged external hard drive interface

  Eight, ASUS motherboard GL552JX external hard drive boot settings

  Make the external hard drive software to recover data from damaged hard drive free boot disk, restart the notebook, press the F2 button to enter the BIOS interface, press the arrow software to recover data from dead external hard drive keys to move to Security, select Secure Boot menu and press Enter;