Excel to vcf super simple without tools to achieve tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

18 2021-08-21 00:30

  If you want to import the Excel address book file with a large amount of content edited on your best hard drive recovery software ubuntu computer to your mobile phone, you need to convert Excel to vcf format. Although there are related best hard drive recovery software windows conversion software, there are usage restrictions and charges. Here is a lesson for everyone A method best hard drive recovery tools free that does not require third-party software to achieve the purpose of conversion, it is very simple to best hard drive recovery windows 2018 use.

  1. Open your excel address book form file and save it as.csv file, just save it to the desktop best hard drive repair software 2015 with any name, as shown in the figure below, save it as 11.csv

  2. Register a new 163 mailbox or best hard drives for data recovery qq mailbox, any mailbox is fine, as long as the address book in it is empty, then log in to the best mac hard drive data recovery mailbox, click the address book column, the following picture is the mailbox of 163

  3. Then click the best mac hard drive recovery tool -Import and Export- button on the right, and a drop-down selection will appear. Choose to import the best osx hard drive recovery software address book from a file, as shown in the figure below

  4. Then click Import from file, continue best paid hard drive recovery software to click the browse button, as shown in the figure below, select the 11 you just saved on the desktop.csv best picture recovery formatted hard drive file, and then click OK, the address book is all imported into the mailbox

  5. Next, we continue best places for hard drive recovery to click the -Import and Export- button on the right side of the address book, click the -Export best portable hard drive recovery software address book option in the drop-down menu, and then click to export the address book by file format best professional hard drive recovery software in the vCARD format, which is actually the vcf format.

  6. Then it will be saved as address by best program for recovery usb drive default.vcf file, choose to save the file, and save it to the desktop, and you're done. If you want to best program for usb data recovery import it to your phone, just enter the address.vcf can be imported.

  Summary: The Excel form address best program recover formatted hard drive book should be filled in the csv format of the phone book, so that there is no error, do not save best program to recover hard drive it in the default xlsx format, so the mailbox is not recognized, and the mobile phone generally only best rated hard drive recovery service supports the vcf format, so it needs to be converted.