Black colloid Kingston DT microDUO USB shortcircuit mass production tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

57 2021-08-21 00:00

  Nowadays, many external hard drives are black colloidal miniexternal hard drives. This kind of install multiple bootable recovery softwares on one usb external hard drive is broken and it is very troublesome to short-circuit. First of all, the short install os x from usb in recovery mode contacts of many black colloidal external hard drives are different, and the other is that many short install os x from usb within recovery hd contacts are painted. A layer of material, you can't see it without scraping it off, let's talk about install recover grub from ubuntu live cd usb one of the black colloid short-circuiting methods.

  A Kingston Data Traveler microDuo (16G), plugged install recovery partition windows 8 1 from usb into the computer, there is no response at all, very depressed;

  I want to repair it by short-circuiting, install windows 10 boot from usb recovery drive but the two external hard drives are both black plastic disks, and the shells are all install windows 10 from usb in recovery mode integrated steel bodies, and there are no gaps. I have been thinking of a way to open it;

  Today I have install windows 10 on mac from recovery usb nothing to do. I found a hacksaw and saw the end of the USB port of Kingston DT microDUO by a 3 mm install windows 10 recovery tool to usb drive wide port. I saw that there are two sets of contacts on the left and right sides. One set has only One install windows 7 new hard drive recovery disc small dot, the other group is four small square contacts, I don't know which one to short-circuit; install windows xp recovery console usb flash drive

  I asked Du Niang but didn't find the answer. I only tried one by one. Wrap one end of a thin copper installing factory recovery disk on new hard drive wire around the USB interface, and the other end is used to touch the small contacts on the external installing windows recovery file erased my hard drive hard drive when the external hard drive is inserted;

  After trying a few times, I finally heard insufficient disk space to recover lost data usb the sound of recognizing the USB device from the computer (note that the external hard drive can't intel motherboard board recovery bios usb boot fail be unplugged at this time, if it is unplugged, it has to be short-circuited again for the computer internal solid state hard drive connectors to recover to recognize);

  I forgot what the main control was used. I immediately found that the main control internet recovery seagate portable hard drive for mac was Phison PS 2251-68 through ChipGenius. However, after trying several Phison's mass production tools, iomega home media network hard drive data recovery the main control was identified as red and could not be mass-produced. ;

  Finally, through Du iphone 8 plus recovery mode usb not working Niang, I found a mass production tool (Phison_UPTool_v2.093) It can be recognized normally, and mass is it possible to recover a hard drive production is successfully repaired, but because the low-level scan is selected, it takes a long time is it possible to recover formatted hard drive for mass production, which took 2 hours and 5 minutes.Samsung bar will fix you next.

  Another: 1. is logitech wireless mouse good without usb recover The above operation was performed under XP (an old netbook with an Atom processor). I tried several is recovery d drive a seperate hard drive times under win7 without success. I don't know if it's because the computer with win7 is a desktop is the recovery disk a separate hard drive computer. It was at night, the case was a bit dark, and the contacts were not properly contacted; 2. is there a recovery from usb in google It was ready to be mass-produced again to become a CDROM+USB, but it was unsuccessful after several is win 7 recovery drive bootab bootable usb attempts, so I gave up.

  The mass production tool version used is Phison UPTool v2.Version 093, in iseepassword hog long to burn recover usb drive short, the black colloidal external hard drive even if the short contacts are unconventional, but we iseepassword how long to burn recovery usb drive can mass-produce and repair the external hard drive successfully as long as we patiently try.